Germany/Austria Semester


This program is designed to give students in-depth contact with the German-speaking world. Its emphasis is language acquisition, cross-cultural competence and an understanding of historical and contemporary Mitteleuropa. The program is divided into two parts, the first of which takes place in Germany, in the cities of Marburg and Berlin. The second part is in Vienna, Austria.

Students are housed in private homes throughout the Germany portion of the program. During the Vienna portion of the program students are housed with host families.

Program travel in Germany will include group study trips to Cologne, the Harz Region, and Jena. During the stay in Vienna, students will have a hiking excursion to the Alps and a trip to Prague and perhaps Budapest. There may be other shorter excursions between the Germany and Austria components of the program.


Students accepted to participate in the program are required to participate in the planned orientation sessions prior to departure. Orientation is designed to prepare the student for the cross-cultural experience and will include passport information, readings, films, lectures, and discussions with former participants of the program. Students will receive 1 semester credit (ID24) for successful completion of the orientation program.

Students will earn a total of 18 semester hour credits for successful completion of the program. In both Marburg and Berlin, students will be able to receive German language instruction at all levels and will be placed into courses according to their level of proficiency. Courses offered in Vienna are taught in German by university professors of the Universitat Wien. Courses include:

  • Contemporary German Culture: this course deals with issues confronting Germans as they move into the next century.
  • Art History: fulfills a general education requirement in Fine Arts
  • Politics and Public Policy-Making in Western Europe: fulfills a general education requirement in Social Science
  • German and Austrian Prose and Drama
  • Ethnographic Study

Academic Programs



The program will cost the same as one semester of on-campus charges. The program covers academic and educational costs including field excursions and other group activities, as well as room and board while on the academic portion of the program. A deposit of $350 is required after acceptance into the program, which is a part of the total cost.

Students on financial aid may apply their aid to one Earlham or GLCA-recognized off campus program during their college career.

Additional Costs

Each student will need to plan for additional money to cover round-trip airfare, passport and visa fees, personal expenses such as books, and costs for the independent vacation travel period. A passport is required for travel to Germany and Austria.

Travel Arrangements

Students will be responsible for making their own travel plans both to and from the program, as well as during the independent travel period.


The language requirement for the program is German 120 or the equivalent. Undergraduate students in good academic standing may apply. Majors from all disciplines are welcome.



Students and faculty share stories and photos about the Germany and Austria experience.

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