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Languages and Cultures

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Language is at the heart of the human experience. In the Department of Languages and Cultures, our students learn to appreciate how language constructs and connects our world. They develop a deeper awareness of self and of the value of difference, so they may engage meaningfully in multilinguistic communities.

Find Your Program

In whichever department or program you decide to major or minor, you will find faculty ready to help you make the most of your studies. Off‐campus programs hosted around the world, internships, and other study opportunities available to all students, make the Department of Languages and Cultures an excellent base for exploration and growth.


Earlham offers a major and minor in:

Earlham offers a major in:

Earlham offers a minor in:

Earlham offers courses in:

Off-Campus Programs

The Department of Languages and Cultures is responsible for a number of off-campus programs, both short and longer‐term, that are designed to improve your language and cultural knowledge while at the same time keeping you on track for your major(s). Some programs are faculty led, and all programs allow you to develop your independence and familiarity with the host culture.

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Edwin Alcarás
Visiting Assistant Professor of Spanish

Ferit Güven
Professor of Philosophy

Rodolfo Guzmán
Professor of Spanish

Margaret Hampton
Professor of German

Stephen Heiny
Research Professor of Classics

Kari Kalve
Professor of English

Yasumi Kuriya
Associate Professor of Japanese

Ying Liu
Visiting Assistant Professor of Chinese

Maxwell Paule
Assistant Professor of Ancient and Classical Studies

Karim Sagna
Professor of French

Amy Sekhar
Visiting Assistant Professor of French

Yasumasa Shigenaga
Assistant Professor of Japanese Language and Linguistics

Aletha Stahl
Professor of French and Francophone Studies; Co-Director of the Center of Social Justice and Action

Chris Swafford
Professor of Spanish and Hispanic Studies

Kelly Tuttle
Assistant Professor of Arabic

Belén Villarreal
Assistant Professor of Spanish and Hispanic Studies

Susan Wise
Professor of Ancient and Classical Studies

Mingzhe Zheng
Post Doctoral Fellow in Chinese

Cynthia Grinspan
Administrative Assistant