Mountain Wilderness 

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Sadie Rehm '15 

Sadie Rehm is from Yellow Springs, Ohio. She participated in Mountain Wilderness in 2011 as a students, and led in 2013. These days, she's finishing up her junior year as a Spanish major and Outdoor Education minor at Earlham, rolling around in the Indiana snow in hopes that it'll melt soon so she can go rock climbing in the out-of-doors. Sadie is manager of the indoor climbing wall at Earlham, and loves leading climbing and backpacking trips. Last summer, a swimming pitbull puppy (sort of) viciously attacked her canoe as she drifted down the (not) raging Little Miami River. Sadie will be sticking with dry land. When she's not busy making muscles in the mirror, she loves to play banjo, climb way up high in trees, and eat ice cream. I mean, vegetables. She literally cannot wait to meet you.

Aug Wild 2012

Rachel Wadleigh '16

Rachel Wadleigh is a rising junior biology major.  She did mountain wilderness in 2012 and is excited to be heading back into the Uinta Mountains with all of you!  She is from Minnesota and after getting back from a winter dogsledding trip she is more than ready for some summer fun out west.  She does lots of backpacking, some canoeing, and rock climbing.  When she’s not outside or in the biology lab, she’s at the barn with her horse or practicing with the equestrian team here at Earlham.  She loves spotting wildlife on trail, sleeping under the stars, and experimenting with back-country cooking, so be ready to bake some mouth-watering back-country calzones.   


Will Henry '15

Will Henry is from Clayton, Ohio.  He is a biology major at Earlham. When he is not in the lab he likes to spend his time backpacking around the mid-west and climbing at the Red River Gorge. Will is also an instructor for the Lap Climbing course at Earlham and led the backpacking trip last semester. Will’s favorite trail food is bacon mac and cheese followed by a delicious blend marsh mellows and chocolate chips on a taco! Also known as a Chaco Taco. This summer he will be leading Mountain Wilderness for his first time.  This past summer Will worked leading horse packing trips and backpacks around Rocky Mountain national Park. One of Will’s favorite things to do is identify constellations so hope you all bring your star charts! 


Sofia Bustamante '15 

 Sofía Bustamante is from Quito, Ecuador. But somehow she ended up studying Peace and Global Studies in Richmond, Indiana. This summer will be the first summer that she joins the August Wilderness Program. Sofía has been involved with the climbing wall since her freshman year, and she is currently one of the climbing wall managers. Sofia fell in love with the outdoor education programs at Earlham through climbing. Outside of Earlham Sofia has explored the outdoors pedaling on a bicycle and now she is very exited to explore the outdoor world through the water. Sofia is passionate for almost everything that can make you sweat: dancing, playing soccer, biking, running, playing volleyball, juggling, laughing and chasing friends around to tickle them. She cannot wait to sweat with you! And to go on this awesome adventure!



Water Wilderness


Zoe Wolfe '15

Zoe Wolfe is an incoming senior neuroscience major from Indiana.  When she's not off in the lab performing lobotomies on first years, she likes to help them get in touch with their wild side by leading backpacking and canoeing trips for Earlham.  If she's not doing either of those things, she's probably headed off in her LRC (Little Red Car) for some other kind of mischief.  Currently, that mischief is taking place in New Zealand, where she's playing/studying abroad for the spring--though she couldn't bring the LRC. Although backpacking around volcanoes and canoeing down giant rivers is pretty cool, she's also stoked to meet you all and make some waves in Ontario.  This coming summer will be her second time leading Water and third time on August Wilderness, so get ready to get'cha paddle on.






Anna Seifert '16

Anna Seifert is currently a second-year Environmental Studies major from Michigan. Although Anna has always enjoyed the outdoors, she truly fell in love the first time she went backpacking in the Sierra Nevadas in 2011. Since that trip, she has been hiking and backpacking as much as she can, and is so excited to once again be heading into the wild with another Earlham program. Anna is a part of the Risk Management Committee for the outdoor education program and was last in the Uinta's on August Wilderness in 2012.





Kendra Worley '16

Kendra Worley, an incoming Junior, grew up in Columbus, Ohio and wandered over to Richmond, Indiana to study Religion at Earlham College. While on Water Wilderness, she found her passion for the outdoors, inspired by her experience she has become very involved with the Outdoor Education Program. She works in the Outdoor Education Centerduring the school year and leads/takes courses as well. While rock climbing is her all-time favorite outdoor activity, she finds canoeing challenging yet meditative and is very excited to share the wonderful Wabakimi forest with y'all. With a backgorund in gardening and a love for plants, her environmental side will emphasize all the strange plants and mushrooms that pop up out of the moss in the Boreal Forest. No matter where she is in the world, she keeps a steady yoga practice every day.  



Camino 052

Ezra Smith '15


Ezra Smith is an incoming senior physics major from Northeastern Pennsylvania. This summer, he will be joining you in his first experience of August Wilderness. Since coming to Earlham Ezra has been active in the Outdoors Program, leading several different canoe trips throughout the year. In the summers, he has taken and led courses at the Jack Mountain Bushcraft School in Masardis, ME. This is where he was bit by the canoeing bug, big time. When he is not out on the water, he is planning and scheming about the next trip. When it's too cold, he is in his basement applying another coat of varnish to his paddles. It is not unusual to see him driving around the back roads at his home and at school looking for any piece of water to float on.

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