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Modern Facilities

Stanley -hall -256

Stanley Hall was renovated in 2013 at a cost of $17.6 million, making the science facilities at Earlham College more collaborative, efficient and visible. The projects modernized and reconfigured labs for optimal collaboration between chemistry, biology and biochemistry, better reflecting the way science is conducted today and giving students more opportunities to participate in research across the disciplines.

Since opening in 2015, the adjoining 42,000-square-foot Center for Science and Technology (CST) is home to the mathematics, physics and computer science departments, and the Science and Technology Learning Commons — a shared space for all the sciences.


Collaborative research: Forging solutions to world problems

Students considering careers in medicine, research or biotechnology often choose Earlham’s biochemistry major, which combines studies in chemistry and biology. This major is particularly popular with students who are planning to attend medical school, veterinary school, and public health or other health science fields. The biochemistry major provides students with a strong foundation in cell biology, molecular biology, and chemistry with a strong emphasis on research and hands-on learning. 

Special Learning Opportunities

Numerous Earlham students have presented their research at recent national and regional meetings as well as a variety of other local sponsored symposia.

Faculty members in the biochemistry program have published in wide variety of peer-reviewed journals and have been funded extramurally by both government and private institutions.

Students have completed internships with such local organizations as, Belden Industries, Cope Environmental Center, Indianapolis Art Museum Conservation Laboratory, Reid Hospital, Richmond Friends School and Wayne County Health Clinic.

Students are encouraged to study abroad. Science faculty members have led semester-long off-campus programs (e.g. Tanzania, England, Oak Ridge, France, and New Zealand) and shorter expeditions during May Term and on Ford/Knight projects (e.g. Peru, Borneo, Bahamas, Galapagos Islands, Nebraska Sandhills, and Yellowstone National Park).

Research is at the heart of the Earlham College Biochemistry experience whether it's during the academic year, full-time during the summer or for an entire semester at Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Tennessee. Students have also traveled to other parts of the world (e.g. China and Chile) with faculty to conduct research. Participating in one or more of these programs has certainly been transformative to students.


Earlham ranks in the top ten in the U.S. for the percentage of our graduates who earn doctorates in the life sciences and our alumni have high placement rates in medical school and other health science programs.

Recent graduates have entered M.D. or Ph.D. programs at Harvard University, University of Michigan, University of Minnesota, University of Wisconsin and others.

Our alumni have found work in industry at such companies as Roche or pursued careers as K-12 educators.

Regardless of the path they follow, our biochemistry majors are well prepared to face the problems of the world and be a part of forging solutions.

Earlhamites in Biochemistry

Victor Anciano
Harvard, Meet Earlham

Victor Anciano '09, a student at Harvard Medical School, believes that Earlham was instrumental in helping him get into — and thrive at — one of the top ranked schools in the country.

John Sakoleros
A Physician's Path

On career day in elementary school, John Sakaleros ’20 wore hospital scrubs. He wanted to look like a doctor. As a tall youngster, he already filled out the uniform pretty well.

Distinctively Earlham
Early on in their academic careers, students majoring in biochemistry are given the opportunity to participate in collaborative student-faculty research. These opportunities not only provide our students with new skills, but also expose them to specialized equipment and techniques that they may use regularly after graduating from Earlham.


100% of our biochemistry majors, carry out research projects or other independent work during their Earlham careers, developing not only technical skills but also crucial independent thinking skills that build confidence in their ability to perform scientific research.
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