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The internship deadline has passed. Please take a look at our other available opportunities.


All current spring semester students, whether on-campus or abroad, who will be continuing at Earlham in the fall semester, on-campus or abroad, are eligible and encouraged to apply for Earlham-supported summer internships. Therefore, if you are a graduating senior you are ineligible to apply.

Job Description

Asia Tech Source (ATS) is an engineered parts and finished goods sourcing and manufacturing company that has been helping clients manufacture goods in Taiwan and China for over 28 years – boosting profits and reducing costs. The following list is not meant to be inclusive of all tasks. The intern is encouraged to ask as many questions as possible of our engineers and managers to gain a full understanding of events that might otherwise be misunderstood because of language and cultural differences.  All of these tasks are to be conducted with a member of our staff, under their supervision, not conducted independently by the intern.

  • Review pending customer RFQs (requests for quotation) to understand the nature of a customer inquiry: OEM part or finished product, base material is metal or plastic or both, specific type of metal or plastic, intended functionality, critical dimensions, hardness issues, temperature issues, coating or plating requirements, how to test the product or part, go/no go gauges, calipers, appearance requirements, Pantone color specified, packaging required, labeling, bar codes, inner box and/or carton, pallet or floor-stacked
  • Consider how to locate, contact, and question by phone and in person potential suppliers who might be able to meet the customer requirements
  • Visit the potential supplier candidate(s), qualify their factory and quality assurance capabilities, sign a non-disclosure agreement, then show the supplier the customer’s drawings and specifications, explain the part or product to the supplier in full detail, ask them to quote their minimum order quantity, their unit pricing, and their one-time tooling charges.
  • Provide the quotation to the ATS General Manager and then wait for the customer’s acceptance of the quotation.
  • Place the initial order to the most qualified supplier and confirm the date of first piece samples.
  • Inspect and test first piece samples against the customer’s drawings and product specifications. Insist on immediate corrective action with revised samples from the supplier. Provide final approved samples to the customer and solicit the customer’s approval and signoff.
  • Proceed with first production order, oversee the factory process during production, test work-in-progress and request corrective action as appropriate.
  • Prepare an Inspection Checklist & Records document for each different part or product to be produced for this customer’s order.
  • Prepare a Test Procedure for each different part or product to be produced for this customer’s order.
  • Inspect the final production after packaging but prior to loading on the customer’s container truck for transportation to the shipping port.  Reject or approve the production lot.  If the lot is rejected, meet with the factory staff to determine the root causes of the rejection, the corrective action steps, and the timing of the next inspection.  Inform the ATS headquarters customer service staff in Taipei about the rejection and the rescheduled next inspection.

The internship will be based in ATS's sourcing (buying) and engineering office in the city of Kunshan, province of Jiangsu, China.  Kunshan is a rapidly expanding upscale industrial and residential city of roughly three million people just west of greater Shanghai. Earlham will assist the student intern to obtain a China visa and a non-expiring passport from the nearest China embassy office.

Asia Tech Source Co., Ltd. (ATS) will provide the following:

  • All ground transportation from Shanghai to the work site and then and air transportation back home to the U.S. at the conclusion of the assignment.
  • Lodging in a basic studio apartment accommodation either on a bus route or within walking distance from our ATS engineering office.
  • Stipend to be paid in US$ through Earlham College at the rate of $14/hour x 60 hours/week x 8 weeks = $6720.00 plus U.S. withholding taxes.

Desired Skills and Qualifications:

Social Skills

  • Good listener
  • Willing to work long hours
  • Strong willingness to adapt to the local culture and mindset

Academic Skills and Prerequisites

  • Basic understanding of the laws of supply and demand
  • Interest in the practical application of economic theory in the for-profit business world
  • Prior completion of Earlham College management courses recommended
  • Mathematical and mechanical comprehension recommended

If you have any questions contact Mark Gaines at

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