Integrated Program in Sustainability

Interested in working in a sustainability-related field after graduation? Earlham’s Integrated Program in Sustainability helps you build tangible knowledge, skills, and abilities to accelerate the transition from college to careers in sustainability fields. The program takes a learning-by-doing approach, giving students a diverse suite of competencies, skills and experiences to help translate their liberal arts education into real-world applications.

Special learning opportunities

Specifically designed immersion experiences help integrate academic content and professional skills through internships, off-campus study, and faculty-student research. 

For example, students can participate in funded internships at the Environmental Protection Agency in Washington, D.C., or the Hoosier Environmental Council in Indianapolis.

Month-long off-campus study trips investigating renewable energy policy in Europe, water politics of the desert Southwest, or conservation biology in Borneo happen each May.

IP Students also have the opportunity to participate in real-world collaborative projects, working on sustainability projects on campus and in the community.

Career Connections

A faculty coordinator directs the program and helps students make connections to alumni, practitioners in the field, and graduate programs.

Workshops, speakers, and events scheduled throughout the year offer lots of opportunities to learn new skills, discuss cutting-edge research, and hear from scholars and leaders in the field.

The faculty coordinator helps advise students on appropriate academic courses across the natural sciences, social sciences, and humanities to gain both breadth and depth of understanding.

Linking the Integrated Program with either the Environmental Science or Environmental Studies major allows for a comprehensive and immersive experience in sustainability. 

Related Programs

Distinctively Earlham
The Integrated Program in Sustainability is purposefully designed to be open to students from any major given the trans-disciplinary nature of the work.


All students are invited to consider the Integrated Program in Sustainability, and students keep sustainability in mind in their day-to-day practices.
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