Compressed Gas Cylinders

Compressed gas cylinders are used in many areas in science and art laboratories and contain a variety of gases in a variety of hazard classes.  

Common gas cylinders at Earlham include:

  • Oxygen (Oxidizer)
  • Propane (Flammable gas)
  • Nitrogen (Non-Flammable gas)
  • Acetylene (Flammable gas)
  • Carbon dioxide (Non-Flammable gas)
  • Argon (Non-Flammable gas)
  • Helium (Non-Flammable gas)
  • Hydrogen (Flammable gas)

To ensure the safety of everyone, gas cylinders should always be secured to a bench or wall. Cylinders with a regulator attached must be secured separately but cylinders with a safety cap may be group chained. Cylinders that are not chained or strapped securely pose a significant hazard to those in the area. 

When switching cylinders, leak testing should be performed  using soapy water at the connections.

When moving cylinders always have the safety cap attached and use a cart with a chain.


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