Laboratory Security

Keeping Bad Things Out of the Hands of Bad People

Lab security is everyone's responsibility. Here are a few things to do to keep your lab secure.

  • Be Observant!
    • Know who is in your lab and who should and shouldn't be there
    • Know what chemicals are brought into your lab
    • Know what chemicals are removed
  • Control access to storage and research areas
  • Keep doors to labs locked when they are not occupied
  • Keep doors to storage areas locked when not occupied
  • Keep additional locks on storage cabinets containing substances with unique or especially dangerous hazards
  • Keep locks on theft prone equipment such as balances

Report to your supervisor if something seems out of place or missing and when was the first time you noticed it that way. If something appears to be stolen, report it to Earlham Security (X1400) as soon as possible.

Earlham College has had thefts of chemicals and equipment in the past. Don't think it can't happen, because it has. Vigilance is our best defense.

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