Reactive Materials

Special care needs to be taken in labs or storage areas containing special types of reactive materials. These include, but are not limited to, substances that ignite in air, ignite/detonate with moisture and those that ignite/detonate with friction.

A few examples of these substances and their hazards are listed below:

Lithium and Sodium Metals - Reactive in air, ignites in water.   Store under mineral oil.

Potassium and Cesium Metals - May ignite or detonate in air or water.  Store under mineral oil.

Lithium Aluminum Hydride - May ignite or detonate upon exposure to moisture.  May detonate with friction.  Keep dry.

White/Yellow Phosphorus - Ignites in air.   Store under water.  Keep in locked cabinet.

Your supervisor or instructor should notify you of any special reactives in storage or use in your area of employment. 

If you are concerned about reactives being stored in your work area, please contact your supervisor or the Chemical Hygiene Officer.

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