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Modern Facilities

Stanley -hall -256

Stanley Hall was renovated in 2013 at a cost of $17.6 million, making the science facilities at Earlham College more collaborative, efficient and visible. The projects modernized and reconfigured labs for optimal collaboration between chemistry, biology and biochemistry, better reflecting the way science is conducted today and giving students more opportunities to participate in research across the disciplines.

Since opening in 2015, the adjoining 42,000-square-foot Center for Science and Technology (CST) is home to the mathematics, physics and computer science departments, and the Science and Technology Learning Commons — a shared space for all the sciences.

Support Through the Years

Earlham's Chemistry Department takes seriously supporting our students both during and after their time as a chemistry major at Earlham. From the very first semester in our chemistry curriculum we offer extensive peer tutoring and (in Principles of Chemistry) recitation sections that assist students with directed practice in problem solving skills.

In our senior seminar, we pay particular attention to preparing students for life after graduation, including units on career (CV/resume, interviewing) and presentation skills.

Upper-level students have the chance to serve as peer tutors, laboratory teaching assistants, recitation leaders, and chemical stockroom workers. These opportunities help develop teaching and communication skills and provide valuable work experience for later application to graduate school or industry.

We help connect our students to future opportunities by encouraging and supporting summer research and internships (at Earlham and elsewhere) and frequently bringing alumni from a variety of fields to Earlham to interact and network with our students.

The College also offers extensive support for graduate school preparation to eligible students through the McNair Program.    To recognize successes in our program we also sponsor several awards given out at Earlham’s annual award convocation including the CRC award for excellence in Principles of Chemistry, the American Chemical Society award in Inorganic Chemistry, and other divisional awards for excellence in coursework and research chosen by the Natural Science Division.  We also sponsor the Carleton B. Edwards scholarship for incoming students planning to major in the chemical sciences.

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