Language Placement

GuzmanThe Department of Languages and Literatures works with new students during New Student Orientation to confirm language placement that is appropriate to your level. You can follow up with language faculty during New Student Orientation.

Language Placement Questions are available online at: Sign in at TheHeart with your User ID and password. Please complete the Questions by Wednesday, July 15.

Enrolling in the appropriate level is important for everyone to have the best experience possible. Students who are challenged beyond their current level are likely to feel frustrated and may hold back a class. Students who feel no challenge often intimidate their classmates and/or develop poor work habits when material is familiar then fall behind when they encounter new material.

The Department recognizes that perfect placement can be a challenge in light of the multiple skills and areas of cultural knowledge that language learning entails, the variations in how language is taught, and the different learning styles of individual students. For example, one student may have advanced reading skills but struggle with basic speaking. The placement process connects each new student with teaching faculty who can help students understand how their particular background in language fits best with the Earlham curriculum.

We provide language placement questionnaires in:

  • Arabic
  • Chinese
  • French
  • German
  • Japanese
  • Latin
  • Spanish

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Jane Niccum
Language Placement Coordinator

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