New Student Registration Details

As you prepare to register for courses, please review and complete the Course Registration Adviser Contact Preference Form. On this form you will be asked your preferences on how you would like to communicate with your registration adviser who will answer any questions you have as you complete your fall registration and who will provide you with your Alternate (registration) PIN. You will soon receive information about the name of your registration adviser in an email.

First-year students have been assigned an Earlham Seminar based on information you shared on your seminar preference form. Please note that all Earlham Seminars are scheduled to meet Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 9:00 a.m., and some have an additional lab time on Fridays from 2:30 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. You will build the remainder of your schedule around your Earlham Seminar. Academic Advisers have been assigned according to your interests and Seminar group. We are not able to make any changes to these selections going forward. 

As you prepare to complete registration for the Fall Semester, consider the following:

  • Have I selected a course that is reflective of my academic interest and strength?
  • Have I selected a course that will introduce me to a new area of learning?
  • Have I selected a course that will complete a general education area?
  • Have I selected a course that will be both challenging and engaging?

If you have answered “yes” to most of these questions, you have started the path of “Building an Academic Career at Earlham College.”

Using the Course Planning Tool

You will need to build a registration plan in the Course Planning Tool. After your consultation with your Registration Adviser, you will be provided with your Alternate Pin number which will allow you to complete the registration process. When you log into Self-Service, the Course Planning Tool is found above the middle column of the "Student" tab. This tool is for the Fall Semester. It is intended to provide a plan of your interests for as you consult with your Registration Adviser prior to formal registration. Directions for using the tool are located at the top of the page in Self-Service when you select "Course Planning Tool."

Information Needed to Register in Self-Service after your consultation with your Registration Adviser

  1. Enter Self-Service and Select Student Tab
  2. Select Registration Tab
  3. Select Term: "EC Fall Semester 2015-16" from the pull down menu
  4. Select Add or Drop Class
  5. Enter Alternate PIN
  6. Click Submit
  7. Select Class Search.  Select the Department or Program, scroll to the bottom of the page and submit. If you are searching for a general education course, select the entire curriculum area first, by highlighting and then select the general education attribute at the area and select submit.  If you wish to view the course description or pre-requisite, select view catalog entry in the course listing.
  8. Select Register after each preferred class.
  9. Select Class (You can click on the CRN to see Course Description, then Return to Previous)
  10. If you change your plan or want to drop a class, you click on the Action Item on the pull down menu next to the class title and choose Drop then click Submit. The course is now dropped.
  11. If you want to change your registration you may do so until the close of the Registration period.
  12. If a C appears, the course is closed.  Please select another option.
  13. If the course has an enrollment limit, view the note on "attending the first day" or click on the title to determine capacity and availability.
  14. After you have completed your registration, go back to the student menu and select Student Detail Schedule to confirm your course selections.
  15. Questions? Contact your Registration Adviser or the Registrar Office at

Please Review Enrollment Policies

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