Student Employment

Following is important information you need as you search for your first student job at Earlham.

If you have questions, contact:

  • Sonia Smith in Student Employment at 765-983-1265.
  • Kathryn Fansher in Financial Aid at 765-983-1217.
  • Lena Beach in Student Payroll at 765-983-1610.

New Hire Information

Student Employment Goal

Student employment is intended to be of mutual benefit for the students who desire campus employment as well as for members of the campus community who have need for work to be performed.  Campus employment can serve as a co-curricular educational opportunity to help students build their workplace professional competencies and job skills in order to assist them in obtaining later internships, fellowships and employment in addition to providing a way for students to meet educational expenses.  Work study awards are not “owed” to the student if they are not earned within the academic year and they are not transferrable from one academic year to another.

Finding a Job

Students are responsible for finding their own job on campus. Visit the "Find a Job" tab.

Can I work?

Most all students are eligible to work; students with no work study or work award in their financial aid package must take “Non Award” positions and may work up to an average of 10 hours a week.  If you do not know your work status, contact the Financial Aid Office.

New student employees may not begin work for Earlham until they have been hired and have completed the necessary employment documents (see Forms) including I-9,W-4, WH-4, Confidentiality Statement and Direct Deposit. Students must know their Social Security number to complete the forms.  Identification that is original and unexpired is required for the I-9 form. Photocopied and scanned copies are not acceptable for identification.   

How much can I work?

For those students with Federal College Work Study or Work Award as a part of their financial aid package (sent in writing with the students’ acceptance letter), students are eligible, but not required, to work up to the limit of their financial aid award for work study.  If you have questions about this or your work study award contact Financial Aid.  Non Award students may work up to an average of 10 hours a week during the academic terms.

Policies for Student Employees

Workplace policies are outlined in the Student Employment Handbook for Employees and Supervisors. Students and employers are expected to be familiar with the policies and standards set out in the handbook. The Handbook is available on TheHeart, in Moodle – Student Employment in the Toolkits.

Pay rate

The pay rate for hourly pay positions is $7.25 an hour.

Expectations of a good employee

Be prepared to be a good employee: show up for work, be on time, dress appropriately and have good hygiene, communicate if you will not be coming in or are running late. 

Other things to know as a student employee: 

  • You will accrue no vacation, holiday or sick days.
  • If you get hurt on the job, complete the form in the Student Employee Toolkit on Moodle.

International students – First Job at Earlham College

  • International students have additional requirements before working; visit the International Students tab.
  • The Federal Government prohibits international students from working over 20 hours in a week.
  • Earlham College needs students to work no more than an average of 10 hours a week during the academic terms.



List of Acceptable Documents

This is a list of identification(s) required to complete the I-9. Bring those original, unexpired identification(s) to Earlham this fall. Photocopied and scanned copies are not acceptable for identification, students will need to keep this identification until they get a job and complete the employment documents. Then, return the I-9 form to Student Payroll.

I-9 —

Required by the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service for employers to have of employees verifying identity and that employees are able to accept employment in the U.S.

W-4 —

This is the Federal Withholding Form W-4 for 2015.
Print out and fill out the form and bring in to Student Payroll.

WH-4 —

This is the State of Indiana Employees Withholding Exemption and County Status Certificate.
Print out and fill out the form and bring in to Student Payroll.

Confidentiality Statement

Earlham College Confidentiality Statement available in Human Resources Office.
Sign, date and return to Student Payroll.

Direct Deposit — /media/177221/directdeposit-specific.pdf

Earlham College Direct Deposit form for paycheck direct deposit.
Complete and return to Student Payroll.
This may be submitted separately from the above documents.

Students are responsible for finding their on jobs on campus. Employers are eager to hire first-year students.

Job openings are found on TheHeart under "MOODLE – Student Employment."

How to find and get to "MOODLE – Student Employment."

  • On the internet, go to Earlham’s Home Page
  • Click on TheHeart and log in.
  • Scroll down and click on Moodle.
  • At Moodle, look at the top tool bar and click on “Campus Links” and click on Student Employment OR scroll down the Moodle page and find Student Employment and click on it.
  • The first time going there a button will come up “Enroll” – click on it.

Searching Jobs on Moodle

Job descriptions are posted under each employment section on Moodle – Student Employment. Active job descriptions are in blue and when clicked on, link to the larger job description & to submit. Know your Financial Aid package – Look on TheHeart for your Financial Aid package.

  • Do you have Federal College Work Study (FCWS)?
  • Do you have Work Award (WA)?
  • If neither of the above, you are Non Award. Anyone can apply for Non Award jobs.

Applying for Jobs on Moodle

  • Apply for as many jobs as you can for which you fit the criteria (i.e., schedule, coursework, qualities).
  • Read carefully the application instructions and follow them completely. If you have questions, ask the contact person.
  • Follow up with Contact person to see where they are “in the process” of hiring and can you do more.

Uploading Documents on Moodle

Click on the job description; see what it says to upload. Open job descriptions are in blue. Create the necessary documents and save on your computer.

Scroll toward the bottom of the Moodle job description page.

  • Click "Add Submission" to see where you can upload your documents.
  • Scroll down the page to see where you can Browse your computer to upload the documents.
  • Scroll down after uploading documents and Save Changes.
  • You can make all of your documents one pdf and upload as one document OR you can upload separate documents.

Make it easy for an employer to find you and your materials.

  • Label all your electronic documents with your name, document title (resume, etc.) and job.
  • It is easiest for employers to scroll down one document.
  • Make your document(s) a pdf so the formatting will not change.

SUBMIT – after uploading your application document(s) on Moodle. You must click on Save Changes.

If you have trouble, make sure you are in the job description and scroll down to the end of the page.

Best Practices

  • Do not wait to apply for jobs; hiring goes quickly at the beginning of a semester.
  • Many jobs are not 10 hours a week; go ahead and apply.
  • Apply for multiple jobs at the same time; do not wait to hear back from employers.
  • Don’t worry if you do not have your academic schedule yet, go ahead and apply for jobs.
  • Moodle – Student Employment in the Section: Employee’s Toolkit has many resources.

The Federal Government prohibits international students from working over 20 hours in a week during academic semesters (students may work up to 40 hours over Winter Break and Summer Break).

Earlham College needs students to work no more than an average of 10 hours a week during the academic terms regardless of the Federal law.

Once you are hired – for the first time – for International Students:

  • Complete a Request to Hire and give to Student Employment, Carpenter #005, Student Employment is open M-F 8am – 5pm and closes for lunch for an hour around 12-1pm.
  • Complete and print out Glacier and I-94 documents for Mandy Roell in Carpenter Hall. (For more information about Glacier paperwork for international students, contact Mandy Roell in Carpenter #018,, 765-983-1250.)
  • Complete federal documents, tax documents and more for Student Payroll. These are found on Moodle – Student Employment:  Employee’s Toolkit AND Forms (link)

Still begin the above documents even if you do not have a Social Security Number. You must apply for a Social Security Card to complete the hiring process.

  • You will then need to complete the Employment Verification Letter from IPO and take it to the Social Security Administration Office along with the other documents IPO tells you to bring to the Social Security Administration Office.
    • Apply for a Social Security card and
    • Get a Receipt from the Social Security Administration Office for your application.
    • Bring the Receipt to Student Payroll to put with your employment documents.
  • When you receive your Social Security Card, in 1-2 weeks, bring it in to Student Payroll to add the number to your employment documents.
  • When you receive your SS card, update your Glacier online with the number (link above).
    • Print out the updated Glacier information and give to Debbie Maples.
    • Print out the updated Glacier information and give to Student Payroll hiring documents.

Student employees are paid bi-weekly.

In order to be paid, employers must let Student Employment know the student employee has been hired by completing the Request to Hire.  First-time Earlham College employees must submit the required forms and have the required original, unexpired identification. And employees’ time worked must be recorded and submitted to their supervisor for approval by the end of the pay period.

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