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Environmental Science

Environmental Science

Interdisciplinary perspective, disciplinary focus

Environmental Science at Earlham happens in the classroom, in the field and in your residence hall.

Because environmental science is inherently interdisciplinary, understanding and mitigating environmental problems requires integration of many different disciplines, both within the natural sciences and across the curriculum and co-curriculum.

Our distinctive approach allows environmental scientists who graduate from Earlham to understand how environments work and apply the skills needed to better our world.

Special Learning Opportunities

Students focus on biology, chemistry, geology or physics after taking their introductory courses.

Coupled with electives in the natural sciences, social sciences and humanities, Environmental Science students are able to integrate and synthesize their varied experience, speaking to the interplay of environments and human societies during individual research experiences required for the major.

Many students also participate in off-campus study in places as varied as New Zealand, Tanzania and the Galapagos Islands.

We provide research opportunities in each of the focus disciplines: Geology, Biology, Physics and Chemistry.


Almost half of Earlham alumni pursue advanced degrees within 10 years of graduation, and we rank 30th nationally for the percentage of graduates who earn doctoral degrees.

Earlhamites in Environmental Science

Jonathan Birkel
Soil and Spirituality

Jonathan Birkel ’16 is pursuing a degree in Environmental Science, but he probably never would have guessed his education would revolve so much around soil.

Qianyi Luo
Finding Something Special

Qianyi Luo '16 came to Earlham from China "looking for a new me" in a liberal arts setting. While studying history and environmental science, she says she's found what she was seeking.

Distinctively Earlham
Environmental Science at Earlham provides you an interdisciplinary perspective with the benefit of a disciplinary focus.


All of Earlham's Environmental Science students conduct independent research.
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