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ENST 481 Field Experience

The ENST 481 Field Experience is designed to give students the opportunity for direct, meaningful work and activity in a variety of contexts that make up the field of Environmental Studies. Through the Field Experience, students have the opportunity to gain knowledge, skills, and abilities that will amplify classroom and theoretical learning, develop practical and useful skill sets, and provide perspective on questions of vocation and career. 

Download the Field Experience Planning Packet here.


Previous Field Experience Locations

Students have completed field experiences in a wide range of locations and contexts including: 

St. John's Hill School (Eco-School), Whanganui, New Zealand

The Poughkeepsie Farm Project, New York

The Environmental Protection Agency, Washington, D.C. 

Eden Place Nature Center, Chicago, IL

Richmond City Planning Office, Richmond, IN

Townsend Community Center, Richmond, IN

Minnesota State Parks/DNR, Park Rapids, MN

Procedures and Deadlines

The Field Experience can be done during any academic semester or during the summer. A student obtaining ENST 363 credit must work directly in an organization, program, or other structured setting that relates to the field of Environmental Studies broadly defined. Students must be pre-approved for this course in the semester prior to the internship experience. Pre-approval consists of meeting with an Environmental Studies program faculty member (usually your major advisor) and completing the forms in the planning packet. Credits will be applied during the academic semester of the field experience, or in the case of a summer experience, in the following Fall semester. 

Download the Field Experience Planning Packet here.

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