The Power of Art

Earlham art major Marcela Pardo knows the power of art. She knows art can be aesthetically pleasant, art can cause people to feel, and perhaps more importantly, art can cause people to think differently.

Pardo's art projects aspire to incorporate the concepts of installation, performance and art pieced together to balance the importance of the final product with its process. The process consists of spontaneous interactions between the models and the setting.

One of Pardo's recent photography projects involved nude subjects. Pardo acted as photographer as another student recorded the photo session. Some of her projects aim to blend her art and sociology/anthropology studies on queer theory.

"Many students are shocked by nude photographs," Pardo says. "But I like challenging that space, challenging what we want to see."

Pardo enjoys learning different processes and mediums, as well as taking time to develop a personal style. Through her class on critiquing painting with Mark Van Buskirk, she learned that something she sees as ordinary could be grotesque and shocking for others.

"Earlham is a place that gives you time and space to find within yourself to find what you really want to do," she says. "The classes make you question and they challenge you to create something meaningful."

Pardo holds two goals for her artwork: to cause people to feel discomfort and to challenge their own thinking; and to be playful, surreal and sometimes sarcastic.

As for Pardo's vision for her life after Earlham, she says she wants to be "famous" through her art… "controversially famous."

Marcela Pardo
Marcela Pardo 2013

Hometown: Bogota, Colombia

Major at Earlham: Art

Interests: Violin, painting, yoga, beautiful food and decor, and helium balloons

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