Code of Conduct Concerning Educational Loans/Lenders

  1. Earlham College and employees of Earlham College will not enter into any revenue sharing arrangement with any lender. Lenders will not pay to Earlham College or employees of Earlham College profits, fees, or other benefits as the result of the lender offering to loan funds or loaning funds to Earlham College students.
  2. Earlham College and employees of Earlham College will not accept gifts from any lender, guarantee agency, or loan servicer.
  3. Employees of Earlham College will not accept from any lender, guarantee agency, or loan servicer any compensation, pay, fee, or other financial benefit (such as stock purchase, vacations, discounted personal loans) for consulting arrangements or for providing other services.
  4. Earlham College and employees of Earlham College will not direct borrowers to a particular lender.
  5. Earlham College will neither delay nor refuse to certify loans from any lender.
  6. Earlham College will not request or accept from any lender any assistance with call center staffing or financial aid office staffing.
  7. Earlham College employees who serve on an advisory board, commission or any other group established by a lender, guarantee agency, or loan servicer will not receive anything of value for their service. Reasonable reimbursement for travel and meals to attend meetings of the board, commission, or group are acceptable.
  8. Earlham College will not have any preferred lender arrangements.
  9. Earlham College will not specify the number of loans nor the total dollar amount of loans with any lender, and will not accept from any lender funds to establish a private education loan program at the College.
  10. A list of lenders may be available in the Financial Aid Office for the convenience of Earlham College Students. Earlham College does not endorse or prefer any lender on this list. Students are encouraged to explore other lenders.

In addition to the standards listed above, employees of the Earlham College Financial Aid Office will:

  1. Provide students and parents with information about student financial aid that is accurate and unbiased and is intended for the benefit of the student and/or parent and is not for the employee's personal gain.
  2. Abide with Federal, state, and Earlham College policies and regulations to the best of the employee's ability.
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