We're proud of the health pre-professional students at Earlham. These young women and men are looking toward careers in various aspects of the health sciences: in professions that range from audiology, to medicine, to dentistry, and to specialized areas of veterinary science; in fact more than 175 different career paths!

Schmidt -kevin Kevin Schmidt ’12 is a biochemistry major who has, as he puts it, “squeezed every drop,” out of his four years at Earlham. He earned a nearly perfect score on the Medical College Admissions Test (MCAT) in August.

These pre-professional students major in any academic discipline, from art to psychology, with almost every academic field represented. Some students will major in a science, such as biology, biochemistry, chemistry, or neuroscience, but the choice is really the student's choice as there is no "correct" major for these career paths. Earlham students interested in health careers study on campus in Richmond and at our off-campus study locations around the globe, including Kenya, Galapagos, Southwestern U.S, Ecuador, Bahamas, London, Oak Ridge National Lab, The University of Aberdeen, and numerous other sites.

On the Earlham campus students learn in a liberal arts environment where they are exposed to the intellectual contents and methodologies of the social and physical sciences, languages, religion and philosophy, fine arts, humanities, and sports and physical fitness. Academics at Earlham are rigorous and challenging, and students have learned that much can be accomplished by cooperative learning within this community of scholars, where students and faculty learn together.

These broadly trained individuals with cooperative learning skills are the kinds of persons that the professional schools are looking for in their successful applicants. The health career path is a challenging one, and Earlham, through its counseling and supportive services, works with students in meeting their career goals. We are glad that you are interested in this path of study. Let us help you reach that goal.

All students interested in a career in a health profession should talk to a member of the Health Careers Advisory Committee and also start an AdviseStream account (this is an electronic advising and e-portfolio system)

These are the members of the Health Careers Advisory Commitee:

  • Michael Deibel — Director of Health Careers Advising & Professor of Chemistry
  • William Harvey — Health Services Advisor-Consultant & Emeritus Professor of Biology
  • Peter Blair — Associate Professor of Biology & Health Careers Advisor

Earlhamites in Health Careers

Maggie Jesme
PAGS and Pre-med

Maggie Jesme '14 combines Peace and Global Studies and pre-med to address disparities in access to health care. A semester in Jordan solidified her goals and aspirations.

Ruby Laskin
Rising to the Challenge

Ruby Laskin '08, a medical student at Temple University, says the Earlham faculty believed that she could become a physician — even before she believed it herself.


Have Questions Regarding Health Careers?

Contact:Michael Deibel
Director of the Integrated Program in Health Sciences
Office: Stanley 236
Phone: (765) 983-1459

Harvey _william
Contact: William Harvey
Health Services Advisor-Consultant
Emeritus Professor of Biology
Email:  billh@earlham.edu
Phone: (765) 973-2670

Contact:Peter Blair
Associate Professor of Biology
Office: Stanley 141
Phone: (765) 983-1517


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