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Japan-America Student Conference

Although not a study abroad program, the Japan-American Student Conference (JASC) has been a valuable learning resource for several Earlham students. The JASC is an educational and cultural exchange program for university students from the United States and Japan. It is the oldest student-run exchange program in the United States, beginning with the first JASC in 1934. JASC provides an opportunity for Japanese and American students from diverse backgrounds to extensively discuss issues that affect our two nations.

Earlham hosted the 2010 JASC during July and August 2010. Earlham Professor Gary DeCoker currently serves on the JASC National Advisory Committee.

For more information, visit the JASC site.

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Past Participants from Earlham College

1986 L. Keith Dipboye (EC '86 )
1986 Kathleen Garvey (EC '87 )
1993 Mark Wenzel (EC '88)
1994 Sarah C. Miller (EC '94)
2002 Amity Malak (EC '04)
2004 Morris Cornell-Morgan (EC '05) 2005-executive committee
2005 Jawad Joya (EC '08)
2005 Florence Maher (EC '07) (Read Student Perspective)
2006 Risa Abe (EC' 07)
2010 Nicole Johnson (EC '12)
2010 Ian Cross (EC '10)
2011 Michelle Bahnick (EC '11)
2013 Jessica Brooks (EC '14)
2014 Benjamin Sussman (EC '14)

As a former participant from Earlham, I can say that this is a phenomenal opportunity. The bonds formed by studying, living, and traveling together are strong and lasting — even five years after I participated I'm still in contact with other delegates on a weekly basis. It's great to hear that Earlham will be hosting one of the sites.

Class of 2005

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