Message to Employees

Updates Regarding Electrical Power on Campus

On Tuesday, May 21, Earlham College offices will be open and May Term classes will resume at their normal times.

When you arrive on campus, please report to your usual location. Should your office or classroom space need to be relocated, signage will be present indicating a new location.

Due to difficulties encountered with construction-related electrical updates, the power supply at Earlham College continues to be at a sub-par level. While electricity is functioning for lighting and computer use on campus, air conditioning is not functioning in major buildings. Due to limited electrical capacity, persons who come to campus must not operate window or wall air conditioning units. Persons who are able and approved to work from home are encouraged to do so.

Noyes Hall, Dennis Hall and the Joseph Moore Museum will be without power until later this week due to a pre-existing, underground electrical problem discovered during Sunday's outage.

As phone systems have now been restored, please return to utilizing our normal phone numbers for assistance.

  • Life-threatening Emergencies (Fire/Police/Ambulance): 911 (9-911 from campus extension).
  • Public Safety 24/7 Assistance: 765-983-1400
  • Fleet or Administrative Assistance: 765-983-1376

Please join us in exercising care and patience as we work together through this challenge.

You should continue to watch your email and the College website for updates to this information.

Earlham Emergency Response Team
Tom Kearns, Convener
May 20, 2013

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