Distinctively Earlham
Earlham ranks 18th among 225 bachelor's degree colleges for the percentage of graduates who go on to earn research doctorates. We rank 30th among 1,547 institutions nationwide.

Graduate School

Earlham has for generations been one of the leading liberal arts colleges in the U.S. for percentage of graduates who go on to earn advanced degrees, including the M.D., J.D. and Ph.D. Through rigorous academics and careful advising, our students are strong candidates for top graduate programs.

Earlham's rank of research doctorates awarded to alumni by discipline

Natural Sciences

  • Life Sciences — 10th out of 1331 institutions
  • Geosciences — 38th out of 612 institutions
  • Physical Sciences — 94th out of 1079 institutions
  • Mathematics — 206th out of 1002 institutions

Social Sciences

  • Communication and Librarianship — 45th out of 826 institutions
  • Social Science — 46th out of 1216
  • Education — 66th out of 1463
  • Psychology — 84th out of 1280 institutions


  • Religion —25th out of 843 institutions
  • Business — 27th out of 1025 institutions
  • Humanities— 64th out of 1248 institutions
  • Art — 134th out of 870 institutions

Source: Higher Education Data Sharing consortium report, Fall 2012.

Medical School Facts

  • 89% — Medical school acceptance rate among Earlhamites who have sought the assistance from the College’s pre-health advising program in the last 10 years.
  • 45.6% — National percentage of applicants accepted to medical school in 2008.
  • 37.3% — Acceptance rate of all U.S medical school applicants 2012 with average G.P.A. (3.54/4.0) and M.C.A.T. scores (28.3).
  • 50% — Percentage of Earlham medical school applicants who participated in a semester long off-campus programs.
  • 40% — Percentage of Earlham medical school applicants participated in a varsity sport.

Where they are going

Members of the Class of 2013 who were headed directly to graduate school were pursuing the following degrees.

  • 30% — Master of Arts or Sciences
  • 30% — Other master’s
  • 10% — Law degree
  • 25% — Ph.D.
  • 5% — Other degree or certificate
90% of our graduates report attending one of their top three graduate school choices
Fellowship Success—
11 Watsons in 10 years
25 Fulbrights in 10 years
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