Spring 2014 Wild Staff






Gabe Rehm '17, Climbing Wall Staff, Special Event Staff 
I am a Freshman from Yellow Springs, Ohio. I have been climbing for about three years now - both indoors and outdoors. I love climbing at the Solomon Climbing Wall, but when I have time I like to go to Red River Gorge and other nearby indoor gyms. I work as wall and special events staff and enjoy introducing others to the sport. I love climbing because moves or routes that originally looked impossible can become easy through hard work and training.



LilyLily Fishleder '17, AWPE Indoor Gym Climbing Instructor

 I'm a First Year Human Development and Social Relations (HDSR) major and I'm looking to graduate with the Outdoor Education Designation! I spent a semester during my high school years in Leadville, Colorado and it was a pretty significant outdoor education experience that has set me up for my passion for outdoor ed. here at Earlham. I grew up in New York City but I've found myself quite content in Richmond, Indiana. My favorite Earlham outdoor education experience thus far as been a tie between August Wilderness: Water and Winter Dogsledding! I'm so excited to continue to be involved in the fun, adventure and the community of outdoor education! See you in the back country! 

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Truman McGee '17, AWPE Backpacking Apprentice

I'm from Chicago, Illinois and I love the great outdoors! My goal for being on Wild Staff is to help others appreciate the untouched beauty of the wilderness. I also strive to educate others and myself on how to easily coexist with the wilderness.





Will Henry '16, AWPE Lap Climbing Instructor

I am from Clayton, Ohio and a biology major at Earlham. When I'm not in the lab I like to spend  time backpacking around the mid-west and climbing at the Red River Gorge. I am also an instructor for the Lap Climbing course at Earlham and led the backpacking trip last semester. My favorite trail food is bacon mac and cheese followed by a delicious blend marsh mellows and chocolate chips on a taco! Also known as a Chaco Taco. 



Kendra Worley '16, Outdoor Education Center Attendant, AWPE Solo Canoeing Instructor, Special Event Staff 

I am a sophomore Religion Major and plan to get my Outdoor Education Designation. My interest in the outdoors began with camping and hiking, evolved into over a decade of rock climbing and just recently started to get really interested in canoeing. I love the maneuverability I have on the water and across portages with a canoe. I am able to discover terrain that I would otherwise would not be able to see.




Anna Seifert '16, AWPE Backpacking Instructor

I am a second-year Environmental Studies major from Michigan and I am ridiculously excited to lead AWPE Backpacking this spring. I fell in love with hiking in eighth grade on a trip to Denali National Park, and since have been able to hike and backpack in parks all over the country. I'm currently working on my canoeing skills so I can appreciate the outdoors through a whole different medium. My other true loves include coffee, trail brownies, cross country skiing and facts about sea otters.Lucas Barber '16, AWPE Backpacking Apprentice, AWPE Indoor Gym Climbing Instructor


CoriCori Eckert '16, AWPE Spring Break Backpacking Apprentice

I am a second-year Painting and Art History major and I am from Richmond, IN. I have moved around a lot throughout my childhood and a love for the outdoors was deeply ingrained in me at a young age. I have always enjoyed hiking and swimming, and since coming to Earlham I have grown to love backpacking, canoeing, and I hope to learn some more outdoor skills so that I can go farther! I am super excited to be co-leading the Spring Break Backpacking trip! I'm looking forward to growing as an outdoor leader and to gain some more experience!

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Ezra Smith '15, AWPE Solo Canoeing Instructor, AWPE Outdoor Trip Leadership TA

I am a Junior Physics Major, also working toward the Outdoor Education Designation while here at Earlham. I love canoeing, and am leading several courses this semester to share the skills I have learned.




 Sadie Rehm '15, Climbing Wall Manager, AWPE Indoor Gym Instructor 

Sadie Rehm is a junior Spanish major and Outdoor Education minor from Yellow Springs, Ohio. She is a manager of the college's super-cool indoor climbing wall and climbing program, and teaches indoor and outdoor climbing classes. She also loves backpacking, and is leading August Wilderness for the second time this coming year. Yee-haw!

WildstaffSofia Bustamante '15, Climbing Wall Manager, AWPE Indoor Gym Instructor
I am  from the wonderful city of Quito in Ecuador. I am one of the managers of the wall and I am also a teacher for the AWPE classes. I love climbing, specially because it makes you discover that you are capable of safely doing things that seem impossible and dangerous. And I love to explore the outdoor world, no matter if it is on top of a canoe or a bicycle, by foot or by challenging gravity and going up the rock.

Elliot HimalayasElliot Kramer '14, AWPE Lap Climbing Instructor

I am a Senior Biology major from New York City. I've been an active participant in Earlham's various outdoor programs after my initial experience with August Wilderness. Since then, I've found myself in leading roles within the Outdoor Education program including backpacking and rock climbing trips. When not working directly on Earlham programs, I've been involved with the student run Outdoors Club. As well as independent trips with my friends to Kentucky and Michigan for rock climbing and snowshoeing. Whatever the activity, what I love most is being outside and enjoying the natural world first-hand.

BrianBrian Forman '14, AWPE Indoor Gym Instructor, Climbing Wall Staff

I am a senior history major from Dublin, Ohio. When I am not spending time poring over old archival materials, I enjoy climbing, backpacking, and skiing.  This semester, I am especially looking forward to returning to the Red once the weather warms. Since coming to Earlham, I have been an active member of the Outdoor Education program, and I am glad to have the opportunity of teaching my fellow students about the joys of climbing.

Anna -Lisa


Anna-Lisa Kroll '14, Climbing Wall Staff, Special Event Staff

My name is Anna-Lisa Kroll, I am a junior Biochemistry major. During my free time I enjoy being outdoors, climbing, skiing, or hiking. I have been involved at the Solomon climbing Wall for two and a half years now and am currently on the wall staff. My favorite thing about climbing is the endless possibilities of the climbing routes and boulder problems.


EmilyEmily Bell-Hoerth '14, Outdoor Education Center Attendant, AWPE Outdoor Trip Leadership TA

I am a senior Environmental Science major, focusing in biology. I began paddling a canoe at age three in my lovely home state of Maine and have enjoyed the outdoors ever since. I have worked as a trip leader for Darrow Wilderness Canoe Camp as well as a trips coordinator for Farm and Wilderness in Vermont. I have worked as an OEC Attendant here at Earlham since my freshman year and have only recently begun leading AWPE trips, including OTL this spring! When I'm not doing these things though, I enjoy backpacking, swimming, running and singing.

Justin Wildstaff ProfileJustin Garlitz '14, AWPE  Backpacking Instructor, AWPE Spring Break Backpacking Instructor

I am a senior BNPM major and Outdoor Education minor. My first backpacking trip was August Wilderness in 2010, and I've loved it ever since. The Outdoor Education Office has been a very important part of my Earlham experience, not only because of the opportunities to travel and develop skills, but also because of the amazing community and tradition it has. My tentative plan for after graduation is to serve in AmeriCorps.

DaveDavid Friedman '14, Senior Outdoor Intern, AWPE Outdoor Trip Leadership TA, AWPE Rock Instructor TA

I am a senior Environmental Studies major. I have been fortunate enough to hold a variety of positions for the office of Outdoor Education at Earlham. Whether its been leading August Wilderness or leading a Rock climbing trip, I have had countless opportunities to work with and along side a number of my peers. The natural world has provided me the ideal classroom to engage students in natural history, character development, and laughter. In addition to leading trips for Earlham, I also enjoy reading, writing, playing board games, baking bread and playing euchre.  

Brianne Cody '16, Outdoor Education Center Attendant

Rosa Friedrichs '14, Climbing Wall Staff, Special Event Staff

Nicolina Hansen-Neff '17, Special Event Staff

 Simon Conrad '14, Special Event Staff


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