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Smoking Policy

Earlham College recognizes the needs of those who smoke and the conflicting needs of those who do not smoke, including those for whom smoke is a significant health hazard. Consistent with Earlham’s interest in promoting a healthy community, and to address the conflicting needs of smokers and nonsmokers, Earlham’s smoking policy is as follows:

Campus Wide Policy

Indoor ventilation and fire safety require that all college owned buildings (excluding rental properties managed by the Facilities Office), and college-owned vehicles are to be smoke-free. Smoking outdoors is regulated and is not allowed at any outdoor athletic event. Announcers will routinely broadcast the non-smoking policy at all outdoor athletic events.

Places Where Smoking is Not Permitted

  1. Residential buildings
  2. Academic buildings
  3. Libraries
  4. Athletic facilities
  5. Earlham Fleet vehicles
  6. All balconies and porches
  7. West Runyan porch (outside the vending machines)
  8. The Heart (the grassy area within the circular walk on the north side of Earlham Hall)
  9. Within 20 feet of academic building windows, doors or air intake vents
  10. Within 20 feet of campus houses and residence halls (this includes all porches and stoops)
  11. Spectator areas of Earlham sporting events, including the football stadium

It is expected that those who choose to smoke will respect those who choose to be smoke-free. It is understandable people may wish to smoke between classes; they are expected to refrain from doing so while in transit on campus sidewalks because community members who choose to be smoke-free are traveling in those areas. When smoking, one should maintain a separation distance of at least twenty feet (20’) from all academic and residence hall windows, doors and air intake vents. (Please note that in cases of a sidewalk approaching a building at an angle, this distance is greater than 20 linear feet along that sidewalk. For Carpenter, this distance is 28 linear feet).

As with other forms of trash, it is expected that those who choose to smoke will responsibly dispose of smoking-related waste in the receptacles provided in designated areas.

Designated Smoking Areas

  1. 20 feet or more from windows, doorways and air intakes to academic buildings
  2. 20 feet or more from houses and residence halls
  3. Loading dock to the west of Food Services/Sodexho


Earlham is a community of individuals who choose to live and work together in a cooperative environment. In accordance with our Principles and Practices, enforcement of the policy rests with every individual in our community rather than specific individuals or offices. It is the responsibility of all community members to respectfully request that those who smoke abide by the policy and for those individuals to respectfully comply. It is understood that for a variety of reasons this does not always occur so Public Safety will assist with enforcement by levying a ticket fine to those found in non-compliance. Funds generated by these fines will be used for education and cessation programs, coordinated by Student Life. Designated non-smoking areas are listed on the campus web site, the student and faculty handbooks, and when possible, clearly marked with signs.

This policy will be reviewed by CCL within two years of its approval.

Tobacco -free -Logo

Earlham College is committed to providing a safe and healthy working and learning environment for the students, faculty, staff and visitors on its campus. As of July 1, 2016, Earlham College will be a smoke and tobacco-free campus.

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