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Earlham @ MPSA Conference

In the spring of each year, the Midwest Political Science Association (MPSA) holds one of the largest political science conferences in the discipline. In 2013, more than 5,700 presenters from the United States and 55 countries throughout the world presented more than 4,700 papers. Conference presentations are organized by topic in more than 70 sections based on different subfields or areas of study. Many of these are interdisciplinary and draw scholars from different fields, providing a variety of perspectives. The conference is held in the historic Palmer House in Chicago. Each year Earlham provides an opportunity for our top students to submit an application to present their research at the conference. Due to the significant mentoring that we offer, we have had great success sending interested students to this very popular conference.

Nikki Vargas _v 2013

2012 Presenter: Nikki Vargas (Kalispell, MT)


"Resolving the Tension: Reevaluating Immigration Policy in a Globalized World"

Conor Hall _v 2013B

2012 Presenter: Conor Hall (Austin, TX)


"The Dawn of a Democratic Revolution? The Political Implications of America’s Rapidly Changing Demographic Profile."

Maria Vaikath _v 2011B

 2011 Presenter: Maria Vaikath (Alleppey, India)


“Evaluating WTO Legislation: A Comparative Study on the Impact of the Agreement on the Trade Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights on Developing World Pharmaceutical Industries and Access to Essential Medicines.”

Toivo Asheeke _v 2013B

2011 Presenter: Toivo Asheeke (Windhoek, Namibia)


“Why is Africa Still Vastly Underdeveloped after Almost Forty Years of Independence and Billions in Foreign Aid/Investment?”

2014 Program Cover2

Students interested in attending the April 2014 conference can contact Thor Hogan for more information.

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