John Iverson
Professor Emeritus of Biology; Biology Research Professor

John Iverson is a biologist who investigates reptile ecology and systematics, particularly turtles and iguanas. Nearly every year since 1978, he has led research teams of students as he conducts continuing research on turtles (in Nebraska) and iguanas (in the Bahamas). This work has led to 38 peer-reviewed published papers with 28 different student co-authors.

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  • Biology


  • Ph.D., University of Florida
  • M.S., University of Florida
  • B.A., Hastings College

Reptile ecology and systematics, particularly turtles and iguanas.

See my downloadable CV on my personal web site: /~johni/.

I have always appreciated having students that demand to learn the latest word on whatever biological concept I am teaching.  This has always forced me to keep up with the primary research literature, rather than rely on textbooks that are by default out-of-date.

Earlham students have been involved in my research since 1978, and I have coauthored 38 peer-reviewed published papers involving 28 different students. Several more are in manuscript form and will soon be submitted.

Nearly every year I lead a May Term to the field in Nebraska (to study turtles) or the Bahamas (to study endangered iguanas).

My research on turtles and iguanas are my passion beyond teaching. I am deeply involved with a reforestation project on my own land, having planted over 50,000 hardwood trees.

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