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Martha Byrne

Visiting Assistant Professor of Mathematics


  • Mathematics


  • M.S., University of New Mexico
  • B.A., Knox College

Selected Courses

Mathematical proofs are the foundation of all mathematics. Once proven, a mathematical statement is known to be true and cannot be unproven. I teach two classes that utilize this powerful tool and help students develop a deeper understanding of the field of mathematics.

In Sophomore Seminar, we focus on the construction and understanding of mathematical proofs. Students learn how to write formal mathematics and how to construct logically unassailable arguments.

In Geometry, we use proofs to explore the Euclidean geometry we have seen before as well as the geometry of the world in which we actually live and other systems. This course is offered to the greater community as well as math majors.


Martha Byrne focuses her research on the “unfortunate discrepancy between what most people think of as mathematics and what mathematicians think of as mathematics.” In addition to teaching her regular courses in math, Martha is leading a Ford/Knight student-faculty research project focused on Global Warming models seen through the lens of the Winter Olympics.

Of Earlham she says, “I love the liberal arts environment because students are encouraged to explore courses outside their chosen disciplines and the faculty are truly committed to educating their students.”

Research Projects

There is an unfortunate discrepancy between what most people think of as mathematics and what mathematicians think of as mathematics. Transitioning from the computational courses of the former to the proof-based courses of the latter is often extremely difficult for students. My research centers on understanding and easing that transition.

Professional Memberships


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