Worship and Celebration


College Meeting for Worship

The weekly College Meeting for Worship combines quiet worship, readings, music, and a prepared message by a senior student or faculty member. Designed as a semi-programmed Quaker service, each week’s speaker is encouraged to creatively incorporate elements from his or her own religious tradition. Worship begins at 1 p.m. on Sundays in Stout Meetinghouse.

Cmw -s 15

Fall 2015  —
“The Burden of Forgiveness”

How do you forgive?

Is forgiveness always possible?

How does your faith inform your understanding of forgiveness?

How can respect inspire forgiveness (or vice versa)?


  • 23: Trish Eckert, Director of the Newlin Quaker Center
  • 30: Jay Roberts, Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs


  • 6:  Taylor Satterthwaite, Senior Theatre Arts Major
  • 13: Deryk Bauer-Lee, Senior Religion Major
  • 20: Hope Safford, Senior Music and Comparative Language & Linguistics Major
  • 27: Iman Cooper, Senior Peace & Global Studies Major


  • 4: Nicky Sontag, Senior Environmental Studies Major
  • 11: Nick Archer, Senior Environmental Science Major
  • 18: Silent Worship in the Manner of Unprogrammed Friends
  • 25: George Crowson, Senior Computer Science Major


  • 1: Kathy Taylor, Professor of Spanish and Hispanic Studies
  • 8: Micky Jo Myers, Senior Ancient & Classical Studies Major
  • 15: Will Henry, Senior Biology Major
  • 22: Thanksgiving Break
  • 29: Thanksgiving Break


  • 6: Corrigan Eckert, Senior Art Major and Breanna Guindon, Senior Biology Major
  • 13: Silent Worship in the Manner of Unprogrammed Friends


Additional Worship and Celebration on Campus 

  • Gospel Revelations Choir Rehearsal
    Monday, 7 - 9 p.m.
    Lingle Hall in the Center for Visual and Performing Arts
  • Seminary Chapel Services/Peace Forum
    Times vary
    Earlham School of Religion/Bethany Theological Seminary
  • Muslim Prayers
    Occasional prayer on Fridays. Contact Mohamed Ali  for more information.
  • Shabbat Dinner
    Beit Kehillah Jewish Cultural Center, 527 College Avenue
    Reservations required.
  • Earlham Christian Fellowship
    Friday, 7 - 9 p.m.
    Virginia Cottage
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