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Worship and Celebration


College Meeting for Worship

The weekly College Meeting for Worship combines quiet worship, readings, music, and a prepared message by a senior student or faculty member. Designed as a semi-programmed Quaker service, each week’s speaker is encouraged to creatively incorporate elements from his or her own religious tradition. Worship begins at 1 p.m. on Sundays in Stout Meetinghouse.

Cmw -s 15

Spring 2016  —
“The Joy of Doubt”

How do you experience doubt?

Can doubt and faith coexist? 

Does the unknown inspire you? 

Where do you find comfort
in the midst of uncertainty?

Where do you find joy?


  • 17: Susan Lee, Director of Diversity & Inclusion and Associate Dean of Student Life
  • 24: Fadee Disoke, Senior Neuroscience Major
  • 31: Allie Eykholt, Senior Women's, Gender, Sexuality Studies Major


  • 7:  Jonathan Birkel, Senior Environmental Science Major
  • 14: Hannah Irvine, Senior Environmental Studies Major
  • 21: Silent Worship in the Manner of Unprogrammed Friends
  • 28: Jeff Rosenthal, Senior Music Major


  • 6: Soe Yu Naing, Senior Neuroscience Major
  • 13: Spring Break
  • 20: Spring Break
  • 27: Kobi Sarfo-Panin, Senior Religion Major


  • 3: Ariona Anderson, Senior Peace and Global Studies Major
  • 10: Erin Stone, Senior Environmental Studies Major
  • 17: Jason Polykoff, Head Men’s Basketball Coach
  • 24: Mary Garman, Professor of Religion


  • 1: Silent Worship in the Manner of Unprogrammed Friends


Additional Worship and Celebration on Campus 

  • Gospel Revelations Choir Rehearsal
    Monday, 7 - 9 p.m.
    Lingle Hall in the Center for Visual and Performing Arts
  • Seminary Chapel Services/Peace Forum
    Times vary
    Earlham School of Religion/Bethany Theological Seminary
  • Muslim Prayers
    Occasional prayer on Fridays. Contact Mohamed Ali  for more information.
  • Shabbat Dinner
    Beit Kehillah Jewish Cultural Center, 527 College Avenue
    Reservations required.
  • Earlham Christian Fellowship
    Friday, 7 - 9 p.m.
    Virginia Cottage
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