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International Students

New _Student _ButtonEarlham College is a diverse and global community that includes students from 70+ countries and from almost all of the states within the United States.

The Center for Global Education staff is available to students throughout their time at Earlham College, and specifically serves as a source of advice, support, and information on matters of immigration regulation, cultural adaptation, and practical concerns.

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Immigration Status

Learn about the specific rules and regulations that international students must heed while studying in the United States.


The approach to education and learning at Earlham may be different from what you are used to in your home country. We hope this information helps.

Healthcare & Insurance

Healthcare in the U.S. may be very different than in other countries. Learn about on-campus health services as well as insurance and medication information.

Cultural Adjustment

Studying in a new country or culture is typically an exciting experience, but the process of evaluating ourselves in a new cultural context may also be challenging.

Social Security & ID

Learn more about the United States’ Social Security program and how to obtain a Social Security Number, an Indiana ID, or driver’s license.


It is not recommended to keep large amounts of cash in your room. In Richmond, you have several banking options.

Tax Matters

All F and J visa holders must file appropriate U.S. tax forms even if they have no income. IPO provides filing assistance and guidance each spring.

Employment Regulations

Employment for students on visas in the U.S. is restricted by law. IPO offers advice for finding appropriate employment and for adhering to employment regulations.

Post-Graduation Options

You have several options you may wish to pursue following your graduation from Earlham. You will need to begin planning and taking action early.



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