Curricular Practical Training

Curricular Practical Training (CPT) for F-1 students is intended to provide authorization for off-campus work experience that is an integral part of an established curriculum. Employment must be directly related to the student’s major, the experience must be for academic credit, and it must count toward the completion of an Earlham degree.

Although employment authorized under part-time curricular practical training is unlimited until the completion of a degree, students who receive a total of 12 months or more of full-time CPT are ineligible for Option Practical Training (OPT); this includes practical training after graduation.

Students on F-1 visas are ineligible to work off-campus without prior authorization; this includes any employment that provides any form of compensation (wages, food stipends, travel allowances, housing stipends, etc.).

Please contact an International Student Adviser if you have any questions about CPT eligibility or the application process.

  1. You must be in valid F-1 status
  2. You must have been enrolled for at least two consecutive semesters immediately before applying for CPT
  3. You must continue to be enrolled for a full course of study during CPT (or immediately following CPT, for employment during the Winter or Summer break)
  4. You must have an employment offer (letter) that includes: (a) The employer’s name, address, and contact information; (b) the job description; (c) the employment Start Date; and (d) the employment End Date
  5. The position must be directly related to your major
  6. Your major must be declared with the Office of the Registrar


  1. Enroll in course number 281, 381, or 481 in your major department; in order to do this, you must find a Faculty Supervisor from your major department who will oversee the academic portion of your internship and approve the internship for departmental credit
  2. To enroll in DEPT 281/381/481, complete the Internship Petition with the help of your Faculty Supervisor and submit to the College Registrar
  3. Complete IPO’s CPT Recommendation form with the help of your Faculty Supervisor
  4. Submit the following to an International Student Adviser: (a) The completed CPT form; (b) a copy of the employment offer letter; (c) a copy of the completed Internship Petition form
  5. Receive a new I-20, indicating the CPT recommendation. You must have this new I-20 prior to beginning employment
  6. Begin employment
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