Student Organizations

Students are encouraged to become active and informed participants during their time here at Earlham. Student organizations are a good catalyst for this participation. This section provides you with all current student organizations. We invite you to find your niche through these groups. We welcome new ideas if you feel passionate about something that is not found within these pages. We want your voice to be heard.

If you have questions about organizations, please contact Kris Ashenfelter by email or phone (765-983-1580).


Service Clubs

Action Against Sexual Violence (AASV)

Conveners- Carlie Fisher & Jennifer Barrett & Erica Debruyne
Faculty Adviser - Bailey Heinzen

Action Against Sexual Violence (AASV) is a community united by a common vision. We view rape and other forms of sexual assault as part of a larger societal problem. We are working to change the structures that encourage and condone this kind of violence. Sexual assault is never the survivor’s fault. No one wants or deserves to be sexually assaulted. AASV provides for the Earlham Community education in topics involving sexual assault, the dangers of masculinity and violence issues. The hope of AASV is to raise awareness of the many conflicts and issues that pertain to and are a precursor of domestic violence and sexual assault.

AIDS Coalition Earlham (ACE)

Convener -  Kazi Ramos
Business Manager - TBD
Faculty Adviser - Gail Miller

AIDS Coalition Earlham (ACE) encourages Earlham College community members to recognize that HIV/AIDS is a global problem and take an active role in the HIV/AIDS epidemic at the local level. Our goals are:

  • To maintain an active relationship with the Center for Mental Health in Richmond by providing support and assistance with such activities as the AIDS Dance-a-thon and the non-food drive.
  • To provide HIV/AIDS education to Earlham Community members.
  • To provide transportation to and knowledge about various HIV/AIDS related activities.

ACE is an organization that operates on the basis of consensus and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, income, gender, political affiliation, age, creed, religion, sexual preference, national origin, ancestry or the presence of any handicapping condition.

Aynah Chapter at Earlham (ACE)

Conveners - Clarice Perryman & Nicol Chinchilla
Business Manager - Sunghee Tark
Faculty Adviser - Jamey Pavey

Aynah's mission is to connect students and communities together in cooperative development and the goal of ACE is to further this mission by creating a space to foster leadership around issues of sustainable development, cooperativism and community leadership.

Asian Student Union

Conveners - Qiaoyu Luo
Business Manager -
Faculty Adviser - Rajaram Krishnan

The Asian Student Union's goal is to educate the Earlham community as well as ourselves about the social, political and religious cultures of Asia. We also hope to raise cultural awareness about Asian Culture on the Earlham College campus and give Asians a vehicle for taking a more active role in the community.

Black Ladies United at Earlham (BLUE)

Conveners - Kiara Scott & Cherrah Barclay
Business Manager - Imani Russell
Faculty Adviser -  Bonita Washington-Lacey 

Black Ladies United at Earlham serves as the support group for black women on campus. They strive to utilize the group's talents and energy on campus and within the Richmond Community.

Black Men United

Convener - Travis Smith & James Johnson
Business Manager - Junior Jean
Facluty Adviser - Patrick Piper

BMU serves as a network for African American males on, but not limited to, Earlham’s campus. The brotherhood serves as a support group that, in accordance with The Constitution of Black Men United and the policies and procedures of Earlham College, strives to bring excellence to the lives of each member.  We will work to do this by eternally embarking on the road to excellence, while understanding that the journey, in which we are devoted, is never ending, yet ever prosperous. We will not only work to strengthen the African American voice in the Earlham and Richmond communities, but to also give a voice to African American brothers across the nation, with hopes of creating Black leaders and role models for the future.

Black Student Union

Conveners - Anna Ndamcho & Lindelwe Ndlovu
Business Manager -
Faculty Adviser - James Logan

Chinese Club

Conveners -
Faculty Adviser -

International Student Coalition

Conveners -  Grace Makhoul & Seren Keskin
Business Manager - Yeison Pavas
Faculty Adviser - Max Crumley-Effinger

We strive to educate and expose students to varying ethnic cultures and societies, and encourage students to explore and seek these cultures. Serving as a liaison between international and American students at Earlham, we also understand the importance of learning through others’ international experiences.

Japanese Cultural Club

Conveners - Minori Itabashi & Gina Milano
Faculty Adviser - Amanda Moore

Japanese culture club's main goal is to educate the Earlham student body here on campus about Japan. We hold events through out the year that facilitate learning, but that are also fun. Our main event is in the spring, which is known as Harumatsuri, at this festival students can get to see what a Japanese festival is like. Japanese culture club not only teaches Earlham students about Japan, but we also help the Japanese exchange students get a taste of other culture as well.

Pan African Society at Earlham (PASE)

Conveners - Chanese Hamilton & Leslie Ossete
Business Manager - Thandeka Ncube
Faculty Adviser - Jennifer Seely

The Pan African Society at Earlham provides an organized framework for the African Community. At the same time, PASE wishes to increase awareness within the Earlham community about Africa and its people, its diversity and its multiple political, economical and cultural issues. Currently PASE is a subcommittee of the Black Student Union.

Pre-Health Club

Conveners - Sydney McBride, Claire Welsh 
Faculty Adviser - Mike Deibel

We provide a forum for students interested in Health careers such as Medicine, Veterinary, and Dentistry to:

  • Share their knowledge and ideas.
  • Obtain information relevant to the Health careers such as MCATs study guides, research opportunities and graduate school information
  • Engage in activities related to Health care professions such as visits to clinics.
  • Community service such as volunteering in local hospital and providing educational activities for Earlham students.
  • Organize admissions office representative’s visits to Earlham from professional schools
  • Organize lectures related to Health care and Health careers
  • Create links with alumni involve in Health careers.

Psychology and Neuroscience Club

Conveners - Genevieve Lewis
Faculty Adviser - Rachael Reavis

Psych club is dedicated to providing opportunities for students to enhance their understanding and appreciation of psychology through a variety of social and educational activities. Our meetings consist of experiments, activities, and conversations with alumni, community members, and professors about post-graduate opportunities as well as job openings and internships.

Public Health

Conveners - Doroteja Rubez, Chinwude Nwana , Emmy Zimmerman, Miranda Cornwell
Business Manager - Emilia Zimmerman
Faculty Adviser -
 Mike Deibel

Our mission is to explore and express our concerns for pressing health issues on a local, national, and global level through sharing ideas. We aim to share our knowledge with our communities by spreading awareness, teaching prevention, and taking action. We hope to learn from our communities and listen to their health concerns. There seems to be a large interest in public health among Earlham students, but there is no PH major and only a few classes offered that explore PH. While there is a Pre-Health club, it is mostly geared toward students interested in pursuing medical careers.  We wish to look at the relationship between health issues and their social impact.  Earlham needs a space where we can teach ourselves and gain more hands-on experience.

  • To create internship opportunities for students both in and outside of Richmond.
  • To provide support and an outlet for students who have an interest in public health.
  • To strengthen the bond between the Earlham and Richmond communities, especially in the public health field.
  • To encourage discussion about growing public health issues across the world.

Open to any student who expresses an interest in PH.

Russian Speaking Club

Conveners - Ekaterina Korobkina 
Business Manager - Pupko Maryia
Faculty Adviser - Welling Hall

We are the Russian language house on campus.  With a growing number of students coming from this region and many who want to learn about it, we have become a very active group on campus.  We speak the language often at the house and we participate in cultural activities.

Sociedad de Estudiantes Latinos (SEL)

Convener - Dorte Sabine Neumeister & Jennifer Petrina Flores
Business Manager - Nicol Chinchilla
Faculty Adviser - Nydia Martinez

Sociedad de Estudiantes Latinos is a community whose focus is self-education in regards to Latino and Latin American issues. Our goals include spreading cultural awareness to the broader Earlham community through educational projects, events and/or community services. By raising these issues we hope to challenge the entire Earlham community (i.e. faculty, staff, students and alumni) to recognize the national Latino demographics and the growing Latino voices. We are a group with a Latin American and Latino focus and are comprised of those interested in these and related issues.

South Asisan Student Association (SASA)

Convener - Sonia Kabra & Udit Metha
Business Manager - Kansun Bodawatta
Faculty Adviser - Lyn Miller

This mission of the South Asian Students Association is to help promote an informed, multicultural society with an emphasis on social justice, education, and contribution to the South Asian cause.  The association will help integrate South Asian culture into the Earlham Community and also provide a place for South Asians to feel represented in their own unique cultures and traditions.  The association encourages an integration of not only South Asians but people of all nationalities, backgrounds and religions who are interested in the same ideals and values that the association attempts to embody.


Convener - Laura Honsig
Business Manager -
Faculty Adviser - Maggie Thomas & Ryan Murphy

Spectrum serves as a support system for gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and questioning students in the Earlham community. We also seek to increase campus awareness of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender related issues, and we invite any interested persons, regardless of sexual and gender identity, to join group meetings, movies, lectures, discussions and socials. Spectrum believes it is important for every individual to be able to fully express him or herself and feel confident in all aspects, including in sexual and/or gender identity.

Womyn's Center

Conveners - Erika Verdine
Faculty Adviser - Jana Schroeder

The Womyn's Center is both a space on campus and an organization. The space is located on the 4th floor of Carpenter (go through the weaving studio). It is a safe space for women and it is the only place on campus that is reserved exclusively for women. The women-only policy refers to any person who self-identifies as a woman. This means that any female student is able to use the space to hang out, do homework, nap and meet friends whenever she wants. However, many of our activities are open to all genders. As an organization, we hope to build a cohesive community of women on campus and to strive toward feminist ideals. Our space is also open to other student organizations (such as FDTF). We have meetings in the Womyn’s Center every week to plan upcoming events and discussions. All women are welcome to attend.

Political Clubs

Amnesty International

Conveners - Sunghee Tark, Tremayne Abazs & Reyne Mullins
Faculty Adviser - Jana Schroeder

Amnesty International is an independent worldwide human rights organization working on behalf of prisoners of conscience and for the abolition of torture, extrajudicial executions, disappearances and the death penalty. The Earlham Chapter focuses on supporting and assisting political prisoners by sponsoring letter-writing tables and on educating the community about human rights by sponsoring films, speakers and more.

Earlham Environmental Action Coalition (EEAC)

Convener - Jocelyn Sawyer 
Faculty Adviser - Lisa Butch

Founded on the belief that responsibility towards our surroundings begins with individual action, the Earlham Environmental Action Coalition networks with national and local environmental groups and writes letters to raise awareness of national legislation. We also work with the College to reduce waste, recycle and use recycled products.

Earlham College Democrats (ECD)

Convener - Johann Osbakk
Faculty Adviser - Thor Hogan

The Earlham College Democrats (ECD) seek to advance the philosophy and purpose of the Democratic Party, both on and off campus. We strive to further engender a community in which political discourse, and political activism, is prominent and essential. In addition to this, we workto further incite the values and beliefs at Earlham College within the political process itself.

Earlham Progressive Union (EPU)

Convener -
Faculty Adviser -

EPU is an organization devoted to raising awareness of and taking action on a variety of social justice issues.

Model UN

Convener - Shatha Sbeta & Iman Cooper
Website -
Faculty Adviser - Ivan Babic

The mission of Model UN is to plan and operate an excellent Model UN conference for area high school students. We also send Earlham students to university-level conferences with the intention of skillfully representing member states.

Global Affairs at Earlham

Conveners - Aaratrika Bose & Nasser Kamali
Business Manager - Genesis Galo
Faculty Adviser - Thor Hogan

Students for Peace and Justice in Palestine (SPJP)

Conveners - Hashem Abushama & Adam Finn
Business Manager - Deeksha Srinath 
Faculty Advisers - Helena Kaler

Out of our conviction that the Palestinian narrative is misunderstood and weakly represented in America, Students for Peace and Justice in Palestine (SPJP) is an organization that works towards highlighting the sufferings of the Palestinian people and the violations of their rights. SPJP at Earlham College was initiated by a group of committed students in January 2008 with a mission of informing the Earlham community about the plight of the Palestinian people by conducting cultural events, festivals, exhibitions, letter writings and petitions on numerous human rights violations and calling for a just and durable solution to the conflict in the Middle East.

Religious Clubs

Baha'i Club

Convener - TBD
Advisers - Gordon & Janet Gray

We are here to support those community members who are Baha'i and to educate other about our faith.

Buddhist Student Union

Convener - Holly Miller
Faculty Adviser - Lyn Miller (currently on sabbatical)

The Buddhism Club provides information about Buddhist practice. We support those members of the community who are interested in developing their Buddhist faith. We provide discussion, retreats, badic meditation instruction and visits to Buddhist centers.

College Meeting for Worship Cabinet

Conveners - Daniel Hoskins & Breanna Guindon
Faculty Adviser - Marcelle Martin

This group plans the weekly College Meeting for Worship, an open opportunity for all faiths to come together for celebration and reflection.

Earlham Christian Fellowship (ECF)

Conveners - Heather Corder & Genna House
Faculty Adviser - Joe Fick

The Earlham Christian Fellowship is a group of Christians seeking fellowship, teaching and support, and welcome anyone interested in learning about Christianity. Our objective is to introduce individuals to personal faith in Jesus Christ, to help them grow in that faith, and to challenge them to consider their role in God's global church.

EC Humanists

Convener - Alishba Zarmeen-Ahmad
Business Manager - Linnea Peterson - Bunker
Faculty Adviser - Jason Elliot

Earlham College Humanists aims to provide a community and stewardship for secular activism, promoting scientific awareness and reason, service opportunities, and safe space for any Earlham student, faculty, and/or staff member
that identifies as secular, humanist, atheist, non-theist, and/or agnostic.

Earlham Young Friends

Convener - Anna Ritchie
Adviser - Abbey Pratt-Harrington

Earlham Young Friends meets weekly and is open to any interested Earlham student. EYF gathers at Virginia Cottage on campus, and sometimes spends time in Quaker House. Activities include open worship, worship sharing, service projects and field trips. The group is dedicated to creating a supportive community that includes food, fellowship, and fun! Contact the Advisor of Earlham Young Friends at or (765) 983-1605.

Jewish Student Union

Conveners - Anna Plotkin-Swing & Becky Lang
Faculty Adviser - Michael Schlie

Providing support for Jews at Earlham, the Jewish Student Union strives to raise awareness about Jewish culture and religion in the greater community. We sponsor secular and religious celebrations, dialog, and we pursue political topics.

Muslim Student Association

Conveners - TBD
Faculty Adviser - Beenish Chaudhry

As a political and social vehicle, we strive to create unity within the Muslim community. MSU serves to educate, mold, and help equip members of the community with tangible skills to use in the future. We also work to inform the larger Earlham community of Muslim issues.

Questing Catholics

Conveners - Maggie Jesme
Faculty Adviser - Vince Punzo, Lori Watson

As students and faculty we are committed to remaining in the Catholic Church while at the same time constructively wrestling with the challenges and questions that arise from being active participants in a traditional religious faith. The group seeks to respond to the needs and interests of Catholics so that they can feel comfortable and spiritually nourished.

Unitarian Universalists

Conveners - TBD
Faculty Adviser - Judi Hetrick

The purpose of Unitarian Universalists is to provide interested individuals an opportunity to socialize, worship and to explore self, humanity and spirituality in a safe environment. Activities include weekly meetings with monthly worships, communication with regional UU's, hosting opportunities to attend the Oxford church on a regular basis, and going to regional UU conventions.


*Denotes all official student organizations recognized, and therefore funded by, Earlham Student Government.

Sport Clubs

Fencing (Blue Fish)

Conveners - Francesca Ducanes & Nick Archer
Business Manager -
Faculty Adviser - Vince Punzo

Blue Fish Fencing Club's purpose is to provide safe, student-led instruction in the sport of fencing, and maintain a supply of equipment to be used by newcomers on Earlham's campus. We intend to send individuals to compete in regional tournaments, and liaise with local fencing clubs to provide more professional instruction to our advanced members.

Hunt Seat Equestrian Club

Conveners - Elizabeth Harper & Gisele Aubin
Business Manager - Rachel Ritter 
Faculty Adviser - Lori Watson

Earlham’s Equestrian Center offers three main programs for students, faculty, staff and the community: (1) Riding lessons are offered each semester; (2) The Riding Assistant’s program is designed to train students to become instructors. Upon completion of the program, if the instructor teaches each semester, horse use is free. (3) The Equestrian Team participates in approximately 10 weekend shows each academic year, primarily in Indiana and Illinois.

Men's Club Volleyball

Convener - Robert Landon Dorssey
Business Manager -
Faculty Adviser - TBD

The Gentleman's club volleyball team carries on the legacy of what was once the Earlham's Varsity Volleyball Team, who took a national title in the past.  The team practices and trains in the fall, including a potential matches against local prisons, for the spring season, where the team competes in a number of MIVA (Midwest America Volleyball Association) tournaments.  The team also hosts a co-ed volleyball open gym every Sunday 2-5pm for students and vistors alike.

Men's Rugby

Conveners - Sidingo Mahlobo
Business Manager - Ally Muterspaw
Faculty Adviser - Charlie Peck

Rugby football has been on campus since 2001. We are one of the most active club sports on campus.  We engage other teams from across the region with an active schedule of about 10 matches per semester.  We also have the Earlham invitational rugby weekend where teams from other schools join us here for the competitions.

Ultimate Frisbee (Men's and Women's)

Conveners - Colin Ulin
Faculty Adviser - Michael Lerner

The first rule in the official rules of Ultimate Frisbee is the “spirit of the game” clause. All players are expected to make their own calls and play fairly while respecting the rules and, most of all, having fun. The team travels to tournaments throughout the country.

Women's Rugby

Conveners - Elizabeth Kempinski
Business Manager - Ally Muterspaw
Faculty Adviser - Charlie Peck

Rugby football has been on campus since 2001. We are one of the most active club sports on campus.  We engage other teams from across the region with an active schedule of about 10 matches per semester.  We also have the Earlham invitational rugby weekend where teams from other schools join us here for the competitions.

Special Interest Clubs

Active Minds

Conveners -
Faculty Adviser

Bike Co-op

Convener -  Sofia Bustamante
Faculty Adviser - Jason Elliot

The Earlham Bike Co-op strives to create a bike-friendly community on Earlham's campus and in greater Richmond.  Group bicycle rides are organized by the co-op and anyone of any skill or interest level is welcome to participate and be a part of the co-op. 

Intro-level bicycle mechanic classes are given every semester and weekly mechanic hours are held to allow anyone to come learn how to fix bikes, do some tuning up on their own bikes, or just be around other people who love bikes!  The co-op is located in the basement of Gurney House, 326 College Ave

The Brimleys

Convener - Erin Bumpus  & Jonathan Birke
Faculty Adviser - Vince Punzo

Brimley's is Earlham College's only entirely student-run a cappella group. We are an auditioned group of between 12 and 16 men and women, famous for our goofy concerts and dynamic personalities. All of our compositions are arranged by group members and they incorporate all voice parts as well as vocal percussion. We meet twice a week to rehearse for concerts, study-break appearances, and singing valentines.

Chess Club

Convener - Sokhna Vor & Tremayne Misu Abazs
Business Manager -  Akul Sharma
Faculty Adviser- Jonathan Diskin

To provide a relaxed environment where students can improve their chess skills.

The Crucible Literary Magazine

Conveners - Mireille Recchia
Business Manager - Alexandra Jones
Faculty Adviser - Scott Hess

Dance Alloy

Convener - Kasun Bodawatta & Clarice Perryman
Business Manager - Regan Lowering 
Faculty Adviser - Laura Hinkley

Dance Alloy is a student-run, student-funded organization composed of people from all dirrerent dance backgrounds.  For at least a decade, Dance Alloy has striven to bring together dancers from all backgrouds to allow individuals to work together as a collective whole.  Each semester, out company successfully performs a full scale production of works by students and faculty.  For each of our performances, we encourage a variety of movement styles.  Dance styles have ranged from abstract to modern, tap, swing, hip-hop, African, ballet and salsa.  Dance Alloy's goal is to provide an artistic performance outlet for those interested in expressing themselves through movement.  We do not exclude individuals on the basis of ability.  All you have to have is the passion to move.

Earlham Historical Journal

Convener - Olivia Hunter & Soren Rasmussen
Business Manager -
Faculty Adviser - Ryan Murphy

The Earlham Historical Journal was founded by a group of students in December of 2008 to publish exceptional works of undergraduate historical writing at Earlham College. In the Fall semester, the Journal publishes selected works from the History Senior Seminar class; in the Spring semester, there is an open call for submissions from all Earlham students. The first issue of the Journal was published in May of 2009.

Earlham Theater Company

Conveners- Taylor Satterthwaite & Catherine Blencowe
Business Manager- Kate Fuller 
Faculty Adviser- Michael White

The Mission of ETC is to provide a space for students interested in any areas of theatre including, but not limited to; acting, directing, producing, designing, and back stage assistance. The group offers the opportunity to increase students' knowledge through extracurricular activities such as: professional workshops and lectures, peer training, and the opportunity to create and present small pieces inside and outside of the institution.

Earlham Word

Convener/Editor-in-Chief - Landon Dorssey
Business Manager - Adaobi Onunkwo
Faculty Adviser - Judi Hetrick

Pursuing Truth, wherever that pursuit leads.


ConvenersRodoula Kyvelou & Gerylaine Campos
Business Manager - Precious Byrd
Faculty Adviser - Donna Keesling

The Earthquakers Dance Team is a student-run organization created for the purpose of providing halftime entertainment and encouraging school spirit during the football and basketball games. It is a creative outlet, allowing members a chance to choreograph their own pieces. We are an open organization to the Earlham community, and we strive to have a diverse group. Through our time and work, we are a close group that emphasizes teamwork as well as dance.

EC Birding Club

Convenors -
Faculty Adviser -

Earlham has a long history of bird watching and research.  We are here to continue this tradition.  We host bird walks on campus, trips to areas in the region known for birding and educational programs for Earlham Students and others in our community.

Gamers United

Convener - Dan Hoskins & Anton Guz
Business Manager - David Loring
Faculty Adviser - Joe Green

Gamers United is a club dedicated to gaming in all forms.  We have many games running in small groups.  We constantly hane meetings with bits of the club meeting for various RPGs at random times.  we have gaming parties every weekend on some scale and card players tend to get together many weekends.

Geology Club

Conveners - Clarice Perryman & Anna Schonwald
Business Manager - Adam Simon
Faculty Adviser - Andy Moore

The purpose of the Geology Club is to allow students to further their knowledge in the area of geology and geologic concepts through field trips and group study. We hope to encourage more interest in geology and more hands-on experience in the field. The club takes trips to nearby geologically significant locations. We also have designed t-shirts and hats, and get together regularly to watch geology-related movies regardless of the accuracy of the science involved — actually it's more fun when the movies are pretty inaccurate.

New Measures

Conveners - Vesta Davis & Amirah Fadhlina
Business Manager - Becca Leveal
Faculty Adviser - Bill Culverhouse

New Measures is Earlham College’s all female student-run acapella group.  We are an auditioned group of between 12 and 16 women, All of our compositions are arranged by group members and they incorporate all voice parts as well as vocal percussion. We meet twice a week to rehearse for concerts, study-break appearances and other events.

Outdoors Club

Conveners - William Benjamin Henry & Lily Fishleder
Business Manager - Zara Silberberg
Faculty Adviser - Alexia Springer

The Outdoors Club encourages enthusiasm for the outdoors and wilderness by promoting and sponsoring activities where participants gain first-hand experience. We hope to inspire people to lead trips or expeditions and to foster an appreciation of the unique attributes of outdoor activities. We also wish to serve as a resource and provide opportunities for fun.

Rose City Coffee Co-Op (Student Run Coffee Shop)

Conveners -  Annie Wright & Josh Reaves
Faculty Adviser - Avis Stewart

Founded in 2011 we are a totally student run coffee shop.  We are advised by a small board of faculty and staff who help to educate us on business practices and legal issues related to running a business.  We are open various hours throughout the week and on weekends we partner with other organizations to host game nights and open mics.

Sci-Fi/Fantasy Club

Convener - Rachel Taylor & Michael Gallagher
Faculty Adviser - Neal Baker

SciFi/Fantasy Club is a club for anybody and everybody who loves these two genres and wants to hang out and talk with others with similar interest. We intend to host fun activities and create an enjoyable space for people to get to make new friends and discuss their passions.

Student Filmmakers Guild (SFG)

Conveners - Nhi Dinh & Leo Paradiso
Faculty Advisers - Wes Miller

Got an idea for a great film but can't find the resources? The Student Filmmakers Guild lets you get in touch with anyone you need from across the campus — actors and actresses, producers, editors, choreographers, screenwriters — and provides funding for student-created films of all sorts. The SFG seeks to establish and maintain a habitat where cast, crew and directors can easily find and work with each other while not carrying the entirety of the film's financial burden.


*Denotes all official student organizations recognized, and therefore funded by, Earlham Student Government.

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