Earlham Environmental Action Coalition

314878_469096086442264_560054537_nThe Earlham Environmental Action Coalition is the primary student environmental activism club on Earlham's campus. EEAC students meet each week in Gurney (Environmental) house and take on campaigns and actions on and off campus around environmental issues. In the last year EEAC has launched a ReInvestment Campaign to move funds in the college endowment out of coal companies and into renewable energy companies, taken buses of students to protest the Keystone XL Pipeline project in Washington DC, engaged students in Earlham's principles and practices around sustainability, and organized volunteer efforts and fun activities like bike rides to local apple orchards. EEAC is open to all students at Earlham, and you can find out how to get involved through their Facebook page.

Earlham Bike Co-operative


Located in the basement of Gurney (Environmental House) the Earlham Bike Co-op is a community space for the sharing of bike mechanic skills, a place for students to learn to fix their own bikes for free, and an organizing hub for bicycle activism in Richmond. The Bike Co-op hosts monthly Critical Mass bike rides through the city to promote biking as transportation, as well as hosting bike-friendly events and rides throughout the year.



Miller Farm


A student living and learning community, Miller Farm is located about a mile from campus on Abington Pike. The farm is home to several production gardens, chickens, goats, a community garden, and a farm house that serves as a home for the 10 Miller Farm students and an gathering place for activity around sustainable agriculture at Earlham. Miller Farm hosts Farm Day every Saturday from 10 am-1 pm on the farm and invites all interested folks to join the farmers in a morning of farm projects culminating in a shared lunch. Miller Farm's webpage contains more info on the farm and contacts for the farmers.

Gurney House

A residence for students, Gurney house is located on College Avenue and is a focal point for environmental activity at Earlham. The house is home to six students each year who collaborate to run house events, and to host student groups and events in the house. The residents maintain a small library of environmentally focused books available to the community, and strive to live ecologically healthy lives.

Rose City Coffee Co-op

IMG_5608.jpg .opt 366x 534o 00s 366x 534Earlham's student run, consensus based coffee shop- Rose City is a great place to witness sustainability business design at work. The coffee shop offers only fair trade coffees and teas, organic milk and soy milk products, and eco-friendly beverage containers. Rose Ciy Coffee Co-op is open Sunday-Thursday 2 pm-5:30 pm and 7 pm-midnight. Find out about the coffee co-op on their website.

Real Food Challenge

The Real Food Challenge at Earlham was launched in 2012 as a student initiative to join the National campaign that aims to increase the procurement of real food on college and university campuses, with the goal of 20% real food by 2020. Students at Earlham are working with our dining services on the Real Food Calculator and will use the information they gather to propose ways to increase our purchasing of real food. Find out more about the Real Food Challenge on their website.

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