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Frequently Asked Questions

If you don't see your question answered here, please use the Website Feedback Form to submit your querey.

Your username will be the same Earlham username that you use to login to Zimbra and Moodle. Your password will be whatever you set it to during training. It is recommended that your password be different than your regular Earlham password.

Production is the server that people see when they view the public website. Once you are comfortable with the web editing process, you'll make most of your changes here so they are visible on the website.

Development is is a test server at http://www.webdev.earlham.edu. It is the server that we as web editors and trainers can use as a testing ground for "what if" questions without worry of impacting the production website. For safety, there is no connection between the two systems. This means that any changes you develop on the test server and would like to see on the production server must be made there as well.

It is necessary to have training before you can access the CMS. Please RSVP for a scheduled training session. If there isn't a session that fits your schedule or training requirements, please use the Website Feedback Form or send an e-mail to webeditor@earlham.edu to contact the Web Team.

CMS: Content Management System. This is a system that allows us to create web content in an organized way without requiring us to know any code or download any software onto our computers.

Umbraco: This is the CMS that Earlham is using for the website. Other systems include Drupal and WordPress.

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