African and African American Studies | Earlham College

African and African American Studies

Tracking and Engaging Black Humanity

African and African American Studies (AAAS) takes a multi- and interdisciplinary approach to the study of African and African Diaspora peoples, and their contributions to the history, cultures and societies of the world: Africa, the Caribbean, the United States, Europe, Asia and the Americas. The program critically examines African and Diaspora experiences, institutions and perspectives, with particular focus on the ways in which gender/sex, class, racial capitalism and ideological theories have shaped the lives of Black peoples.

Earlham’s AAAS program has served as the foundation for graduates to pursue law school, medical school and graduate school at such institutions as the University of Rochester, Columbia, Tufts, Northwestern, Ohio State, Northeastern and Boston universities.

Earlhamites in AAAS

Joann Quiñones
McNair Mentor

When Associate Professor of English Joann Quiñones was a high school kid in New Jersey, she didn’t think she could afford to go to college. Neither of her parents had followed the traditional route to a bachelor’s degree.

Johnnie Fitzpatrick
Realizing a Dream

Dreams of defending the poor and wrongfully accused are slowly replacing Johnnie Fitzpatrick’s ’16 recurring dream where he relives being shot in the left leg because of someone else’s drug deal gone bad.

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