Mari Meyer '07, Alumni | Earlham College

Mari Meyer '07

MarimeyerMari Meyer '07 majored in sociology and anthropology, and minored in creative writing. As a student at Earlham, Mari was trained as an Advocate for survivors of sexual and partner violence, directed The Vagina Monologues production and fundraiser, organized rallies and forums surrounding issues of gender, sexual and racial justice, and performed in open mics and slam poetry performances both on and off campus. Mari completed a Master's degree in higher education administration at the University of Pennsylvania, with a concentration on building inclusive campuses, gender and race in higher education, and university/community partnerships and service-learning.

Mari lives in Chicago, and is the associate director of regional programs at the University of Chicago. Mari began her term on the Alumni Council in the fall of 2013, and she is currently part of the Campus Affairs Committee. Mari's favorite memories of Earlham include midnight breakfasts and Brimley's concerts; talking, laying and laughing for hours on the floor of Earlham Hall; all-night thesis writing sessions and copious amounts of coffee from Speedway; and the infinitely inspiring and wholeheartedly generous educators, peers and colleagues that were at the very heart of our campus each and every day.


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