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Modern Facilities

Stanley -hall -256

Stanley Hall was renovated in 2013 at a cost of $17.6 million, making the science facilities at Earlham College more collaborative, efficient and visible. The projects modernized and reconfigured labs for optimal collaboration between chemistry, biology and biochemistry, better reflecting the way science is conducted today and giving students more opportunities to participate in research across the disciplines.

Since opening in 2015, the adjoining 42,000-square-foot Center for Science and Technology (CST) is home to the mathematics, physics and computer science departments, and the Science and Technology Learning Commons — a shared space for all the sciences.

Chemistry Department Instrumentation


Nmr 300x 275

Jeol 400mHz NMR

Frontier 300x 275

Perkin Elmer Frontier FTIR with Pike Gladi ATR

Gcms 300x 275

Varian GC/MS with PAL autosampler


Perkin Elmer ICP-AES Spectrometer


Perkin Elmer Atomic Absorption Spectrometer
with Graphite Furnace and Flame

Hplc _-_u

Varian HPLC with UV/VIS and Fluorescence
detectors and fraction collector

Flashrf _300x 350

CombiFlash Rf Flash Chromatography System

SPS300x 350

MBraun Solvent Purification System

XRF300x 275

Innov-X Systems Portable XRF

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