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Comparative Languages and Linguistics

Foundation for critical thinking

Comparative Languages and Linguistics majors combine the study of two or more languages with an exploration of linguistics and language-related content areas such as literature, film and other cultural products. This major demands that students develop culturally appropriate communicative skills in more than one language and reflect upon the nature of language itself. Students choose from two areas of focus: One option focuses on two languages; the other explores three or more languages. Both tracks require off-campus study, a colloquium and a senior thesis that includes a public presentation.

The graduates of the program not only are competent in two or more languages, but they also are critical thinkers who know how language constructs people’s sense of reality. This major prepares students for a variety of careers in teaching, translation, law, communications, non-profit work and international business.

Earlhamites in CLL

Responding to Military Occupation
Responding to Military Occupation

Informed by the commitment to critical questioning and social justice fostered at Earlham, Lilly Lerner ’13 is headed to Palestine, where she will live and work in a refugee camp in the West Bank.

Sierra Newby-Smith
Revealing history

A self-described “history geek,” Sierra Newby-Smith always knew that history would be an important part of her education and career.

Eboni Stevens
Working Toward Making a Change

Eboni Stevens '15 saw the disconnect between social classes here in Richmond. After her third year at Earlham, she saw education as the key and she and four friends set out to make a change.

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