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Related Experiences

Off-Campus Opportunities

  • England Program. Based in London, this spring program offers students the opportunity to study British politics, science, literature and theater, and to participate in a volunteer capacity in an agency in London.
  • Newberry Library in Chicago. The Newberry Library is an independent research library concentrating in the humanities with an active educational and cultural presence in Chicago.
  • The Philadelphia Center. This experiential education program provides opportunities for professional exploration, intellectual development and personal growth.
  • Other Off-Campus Programs include programs in Scotland, England, Senegal, South Africa, Northern Ireland, Kenya, Japan, Haiti, Mexico and in Central Europe.

Recent Internships

  • Wayne County Museum in Richmond, Indiana
  • Educational observation in local high schools

May Term

  • Civil Rights May Term

Ford-Knight Projects

Ford-Knight Projects involving student-faculty collaboration,
have included:

  • Decline of pacifism among Indiana Quakers
  • African American abolitionists in Indiana
  • Teaching social movements (historiography)
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