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Human Development and Social Relations

Human Development and Social Relations

Promoting justice and effecting change

Human Development and Social Relations (HDSR) helps students understand individuals in the context of contemporary social systems. Combining psychology, sociology, anthropology and philosophy, students study social problems in all their complexity, learn how to work with individuals and groups within larger organizational settings, and appreciate diverse perspectives and cultures. 

Students who choose HDSR take advantage of this major by focusing on interdisciplinary and experiential learning within the classroom and larger community, developing a service- and people-oriented perspective, as well as the ability to analyze and respond to problems creatively.

Graduates of the program enter fields such as public health, education, social advocacy, medicine, law, social work, counseling, public administration, journalism and ministry. Chosen careers include research psychologist at a substance abuse research center, marketing executive in the New York headquarters of a Japanese corporation, family practice physician, social worker in an AIDS/HIV clinic and attorney for a victims' rights group.

HDSR Earlhamites in Action

Benjamin Parks
Workforce Mediator

Benjamin Parks '14 wants to help workers and the companies they work for avoid conflict.

Meg Duff
Purposeful play

With a knack for making what’s fun, informative, and what’s informative, fun, it’s no surprise, perhaps, that Meg Duff '11 wound up at Playworks, an organization that works on elementary playgrounds to ensure safe, healthy play.

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