International Cultural Center


The International Cultural Center (ICC), also known as Russell House, is a College residence and a place where all students on the Earlham campus can come together to celebrate and discover diversity.

The Center encourages Earlham students to learn about the many and varied nationalities on campus and serves as a location where a group of students live and plan these kinds of activities.

Russell1As an Earlham College theme house, the International Cultural Center’s mission is to complement and to connect to Earlham’s educational program. To that end, the International Cultural Center organizes at least two events each semester.

The application to live in ICC is usually due mid-February every year.   The selection process is administered by Residence Life and the International Programs Office (IPO) and a faculty member from IPO serves as the house adviser. Expectations of Students living in the International Cultural Center are:

  • Russell2Maintain the house as a cultural center
  • Coordinate at least two community-wide activities per semester
  • Cooperate with departments and individuals in other international/intercultural programming such as orientations, International Festival, etc.
  • Maintain a resource center: books, magazines, films, etc.
  • Participate in the overall care and maintenance of the center
  • Assist in the recruitment of prospective students, in particular international students

Russell House has large common space areas, including a big kitchen. 

Russell House


International Cultural Center

610 National Road West

Seven students

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