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Japanese Language and Linguistics

Opening doors to non-western culture

As for language learning, the program is based on the proficiency/outcome oriented, which is integrated with all language skills, cultural literacy and off-campus programs.  As for linguistics of Japanese, the courses emphasize the articulation of linguistic knowledge and skills, and the reality of Japanese society, its language, culture, and people; and understand how they all function to support each other.

Special Learning Opportunities

Earlham offers off-campus study and dual degree programs with Waseda University in Tokyo.

The program offers such May Term programs as “Food Culture in Japan.”

The Studies in Intercultural Education program gives students an opportunity to work as teaching assistants in schools in Morioka, Japan.

Japan House, a student residence, and the Japan Cultural Club, a student organization, promote and share their interest in Japan and organize activities open to all students. 


Many Earlham alumni have worked as English teachers in Japan through the Japan Exchange and Teaching Program, sponsored by the Japanese government.

Our alumni have pursued graduate studies as Japanese/Asia /international specialists.

Earlham graduates have used their Japanese language skills in careers in a variety of fields.

Distinctively Earlham
Earlham’s nationally respected Japanese studies program benefits from a Japanese Tea ceremony room, a collection of Japanese films and artifacts such as Japanese dolls, art works and musical instruments.


Harumatsuri, an annual spring festival, is a decades-old tradition at Earlham.
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