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History of the Area

LevicoffinhouseEverywhere you go in Richmond and Wayne County, you are walking through areas that have seen centuries of human history.

The social and economic history of Richmond and Wayne County is intriguing, and filled with all of the great transformations, expansions, migrations and innovations — and plagued by the same contradictions, conflicts and depressions — that animate the history of the entire country.

To the benefit of its citizens and visitors, the region offers many museums and historic sites that give us valuable opportunities to learn about the region's intriguing past.

To learn more about the interesting history of Richmond and Wayne County, please read the in-depth article, "Continuous Transformation: The Social and Economic History of Richmond (pdf)."


1840 Mansion House Inn
214 E. Main Street (Centerville)
(765) 855-2241
(tours available by appointment)

Huddleston Farmhouse
838 National Road (Cambridge City)
(765) 478-3172

Knollenberg Art Center
807 East Main Street
(765) 935-4547

Morrison-Reeves Library
80 North 6th Street
(765) 966-8291

Overbeck House and Studio
520 East Church Street (Cambridge City)
(765) 478-5993
(Tours available by appointment)

Richmond Furniture Gallery
180 Ft. Wayne Avenue
(765) 939-3325

Starr-Gennett Historic Site & Gennett Recording Studio Walk of Fame
South 1st & Main Streets
(765) 962-1511

Starr-Gennett Gallery
193 Ft. Wayne Avenue
(765) 962-2860

Veterans Memorial Park
5th Street & Main Street

Paid Admission

Archway Artisans
105 West Main Street (Centerville)
(765) 855-3673

Levi Coffin House
US 27 North (Fountain City)
(765) 847-2432

Nettle Creek Cultural Center
96 ½ East main Street (Hagerstown)
(765) 489-4005

Richmond Art Works
829 East Main Street
(765) 966-0249

Whitewater Memorial Park Saddle Barn
1418 S.R. 101 South (Liberty)
(765) 458-5565


Joseph Moore Museum of Natural History
801 National Road West
(765) 983-1303

Museum of Overbeck Art Pottery
22 West Main Street (Cambridge City)
(765) 478-3335

Richmond Art Museum
350 Hub Etchison Pkwy.
(765) 966-0256

Paid Admission

City Township Museum
19 Pearl Street (Greens Fork)
(765) 886-5166

Gaar House and Farm Museum
2593 Pleasant View Road
(765) 966-7184

Indiana Football Hall of Fame
815 North A Street
(765) 966-2235

Model T Ford Museum
2131 North Centerville Road (Centerville)
(765) 855-2008

Wayne County Historical Museum
1150 North A Street
(765) 962-5756

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