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Earlham has long history of preparing students for careers in medicine and related health professions. Our alumni have medical school acceptance rates of approximately 87 percent, and recent graduates have enrolled in many of the nation’s leading medical schools including Harvard, Chicago, Dartmouth, Yale, Johns Hopkins and Michigan. Alumni have attended veterinary school at Purdue, Ohio State and University of California at Davis. Others have studied public health at Notre Dame, Northwestern and Johns Hopkins.

While many of our pre-med students choose to major in biochemistry, others have found that majors in biology and chemistry offer excellent preparation for their advanced studies. Medical schools appreciate the well-rounded academic preparation that Earlham’s liberal arts curriculum offers, and look favorably on our students’ tendency to pursue multiple passions — from community service, to the arts, to athletics. Pre-med and pre-health students at Earlham benefit from faculty guidance for test preparation, as well as Earlham’s connections to many alumni in the medical and research fields.

Earlhamites Pursuing Pre-Med

Eli Darnell
A full ride to a top medical school

Eli Darnell ’11 will begin medical school at the University of Chicago this fall. He received multiple acceptances to top medical schools, and several merit scholarships, including a full-tuition scholarship to the University of Chicago.


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