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Brent Smith

Professor of Biology


  • Biology
  • Environmental Science


  • Ph.D., University of Wisconsin, Madison
  • M.S., University of Wisconsin, Madison
  • B.A., Colorado College

Selected Courses

I teach a variety of ecological, evolutionary and conservation-based courses. These include introductory courses in ecology and biological diversity, and advanced courses in population and community ecology, evolution, field botany and conservation biology, all on campus, plus the courses in East Africa that I mentioned in my scholarly interest section.

Besides the principles and theories of each discipline, I teach biology as a mode of inquiry in ALL of my courses. In some, students investigate a problem of their choice using the primary scientific literature. But most often these research projects are hands-on investigations in the field, and they are student-designed and student-implemented, culminating in a scientific paper complete with literature review. Dozens of these projects in the population and community ecology and field botany courses on campus, and animal behavior projects done in East Africa, have been presented at scientific meetings, and several have been published, as listed in my publications section. Teaching research in courses, from introductory to advanced, is a pervasive theme in the Biology Department at Earlham.


Brent Smith teaches a variety of ecological, evolutionary and conservation-based courses and he regularly involves students in his research. With his wife, Professor of Art Nancy Taylor, he has led Earlham’s off-campus program in East African several times.

He says of Earlham students, “I love the students that Earlham is able to attract. They are bright, eager young people with a real sense of integrity — people of real substance who are committed to making a real difference in the world.”

Professional Memberships

American Association for the Advancement of Science
American Institute of Biological Sciences
American Society of Naturalists
Ecological Society of America
Indiana College Biology Teacher's Association
Natural Areas Association
Phi Beta Kappa
Sigma Xi

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