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Terms and Information

Enrollment Confirmation

Students 'check in' preceding the first day of class of each semester in the Wellness Center where the Registrar’s Office distributes registration information and confirms the students’ enrollment for the semester. At this time, the student may need to see the Accounting Office or Financial Aid, both are available at Enrollment Confirmation. Before students are permitted to confirm enrollment, accounts must be cleared by the published deadline or appropriate arrangements made with Earlham’s Accounting Office. Students are required to confirm their enrollment within 48 hours of the close of Enrollment Confirmation Day or risk being automatically dropped from all registered classes and placing their financial aid in jeopardy. The Registrar’s Office cannot verify the enrollment of any student who has not confirmed his/her enrollment. Enrollment Confirmation dates are posted on the Academic Calendar.

Course Load

All students registered for a minimum of 12 credits are considered as full-time and will be billed as such unless they have approval from the Registrar for part-time status. At the close of the Registration/Schedule Change period registration/schedule changes are processed by the Registrar's Office. At the conclusion of this process, students registered for more than 18 credits will be billed an overload charge of $1,209.00 per credit. Applied music lessons, for which an additional fee of $420.00 is billed, and wellness credits of .5 are not considered a part of credits over 18. Other exceptions to this policy are not granted.

Registration/Schedule Change Deadline

The deadline to submit registration cards or add/drop forms for Spring 2016 is January 22, 2016. Please see Course Load for overload charge information. There will be no exceptions to the overload charge procedure.

Late Charges

Careful planning with your adviser should help you avoid Late Charges. These charges also are applicable to transfer students. Late Charges are posted to a student’s account when:

  • a student fails to confirm his/her enrollment (see Enrollment Confirmation in the Glossary) within 48 hours of the close of Enrollment Confirmation — $25.00;
  • a student’s registration form is turned in after the published deadline — $25.00;
  • a student changes his/her registration after the published deadline — $25.00;
  • a student fails to submit a Declaration of Major form by the end of their fourth semester of enrollment or by having attained 58 credit hours — $25.00;
  • a student fails to submit a Declaration of Major form by the end of their fifth semester of enrollment or by having attained 74 credit hours — $50.00;
  • a student fails to submit a Declaration of Major form by the end of their sixth semester of enrollment or by having attained 88 credit hours — $100.00;
  • a student fails to submit a Declaration of Major form by the end of each succeeding semester after the sixth semester of enrollment or having attained 88 credit hours — $100.00;
  • a student requests and is granted approval for a change to a prior semester’s registration — $250.00.

Registration for May Term 2016

Spring Semester Registration closes on January 19, 2016. Students adding May Term after this date will be charged the May Term Charge of $800.00 regardless of the number of credits for which they are registered. No exceptions to this policy will be granted. Room rental for on-campus May Term courses is $105.00 per week; meals are not provided.

May Term 2016 Registration: Read carefully to understand the impact of courseload and May Term registration on billing.

  • If a student is enrolled in 18 hours or less — including the May Term credits — during Spring Semester registration, there is no additional tuition charge.
  • If a student registers for more than 18 hours for the Spring Semester — including the May Term credits — a tuition charge of $800.00 is charged to the student’s account.
  • All students enrolled in May Term are assessed a non-refundable program fee of $225.00.
  • Students participating in Off-Campus May Term programs will be assessed a non-refundable program fee of $385.00, $160.00 of which is an International Programs Office administrative fee.

Note: Independent studies, audits, credit/no credit or variable credit are not available during May Term. Credit will be awarded only as indicated on the course schedule.

Students dropping May Term after Spring Semester registration closes (January 19, 2016) will be assessed 50% of any applicable tuition charge. May Term fees are non-refundable after January 15.

Policy for Reporting End of Semester Grades to Students and Parents

It is Earlham's policy to report grades directly to the student. Students are not provided a printed copy of semester grades. Grades are available only via Self-Service. It is the student's responsibility to report grades to their parent(s).

Note: Parents of first-year students will receive a parent copy of the Fall Semester grade report by mail in late January. All subsequent grade reports will be distributed as explained above.


Students register for classes through Self-Service, available at TheHeart (Earlham's portal) online. Academic advisers work with students to assist in decision-making about the courses to be taken. Each semester, students are notified via e-mail of the two-week academic advising period and one-week registration period and policies associated with registration.

Course Planning Tool

Also at TheHeart is a "Course Planning Tool" for your use in building an academic course plan. Start exploring the course schedule for the Fall Semester.

Your academic adviser will also be able to view your plan and this will enable you to utilize your time more efficiently with your adviser during orientation as you prepare for course registration.


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