What to Bring


Because of the seasonal variations in the climate, you should bring both lightweight and heavyweight clothing as well as rain apparel (or bring enough money to purchase needed items here). In late August and early September the temperature may be quite warm during the day (32° to 35°C.) and cool at night (16° to 20°C.). The coldest temperatures generally come in January and February (-15°C to -20°C). Warm, winter clothing -- a necessity -- can be purchased in Richmond.
Most students (both men and women) wear casual clothing on campus, often jeans, pants, or shorts. You might like to have dressy attire for special events such as dances or functions outside of Earlham. Overall, however, casual and comfortable clothing is practical for everyday.

Laundry machines and dryers are located in residence halls and are operated with a card purchased on campus.

Linens, bedding, and room furnishings

Students must provide items such as sheets, pillowcases, pillows, bedspreads, blankets, towels, and room furnishings (desk lamps, area rugs, etc.); these items can be purchased in Richmond. (You will have the option to pre-order a select number of items for your room before you arrive - IPO will email you when that option is available.)  Your room will be furnished with two beds with mattresses, two dressers, two desks, two chairs, two closets, and one mirror for you and your roommate. You will also have a phone in your room that can be used to make calls to other rooms on campus and within Richmond, free of charge.

Try not to bring more than you can carry, as it will be difficult to transport baggage by yourself as you make connections between flights. There will be an opportunity during New Student Orientation to go shopping for items that you are not able to bring with you. (See section on Personal Expenses for estimate costs.)

If you plan to bring electrical appliances (computer, hair dryer, etc.) you should note that the current in the U.S. is 110-112 volts, 60 cycles and that outlets require two flat-pronged plugs. If you will need adapters or converters, you should purchase them before you come to the United States. Computers are available for use on campus 24 hours a day, with full internet access. It is not essential to have your own computer.


While you are restricted from carrying certain food items when you enter the U.S. (See U.S. Customs for further information), you may want to bring some permissible foodstuffs or spices with you. You will eat most of your meals in the campus dining hall but you will have access to kitchen facilities in your residence hall. We encourage you to bring special ingredients and recipes with you for times when you miss the flavors of home and for sharing meals at the International Cultural Center.

Other items from home

There are often international celebrations at Earlham as well as events that showcase individual countries and regions. You are encouraged to bring several items of cultural interest with you. Such items might include traditional dress, spices or special ingredients for cooking, small musical instruments, photos, games, or music. In addition, it would be worth your while to bring several items, for example photos, posters, or something special that will make you feel comfortable in your room and make your room feel more like home.

Sending items prior to your arrival

You may ship boxes or other items to yourself prior to your arrival on campus. Packages addressed with:

Your Name
Drawer 202
c/o Earlham College IPO
801 National Road West
Richmond, IN 47374
United States of America

Mark the package with "New international student, arriving 8/20/2015. Hold until arrival." Note: items shipped before your arrival are sent at your own risk.

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