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Free Store

The Earlham College physical Free Store space is currently closed because of remodeling in the Runyan Center.  In the interim we have developed a Virtual Free Store Group on Facebook that will function in the same manner as the physical Free Store.  If you have items you wish to donate just post a picture or a description of what you wish to give away in the group and others can contact you to set up a time to get the items from you.  Be sure to check the group regularly to see if there are items you want to get as well!  To join to group click here.

The Earlham Virtual Free Store is a place for useable items to be exchanged.  It is meant to help the Earlham community foster an economy of shared resources. The Earlham Virtual Free Store works to reduce the amount of waste that ends up in the landfill by giving unwanted items a second life.

As with the physical Free Store, we ask that those donating via the Earlham Virtual Free Store maintain high standards in donating to maintain health and cleanliness.  See below for acceptable and unacceptable items.

Unacceptable Items

  • Under garments
  • Used toothbrushes
  • Used bath sponges
  • Mattresses

Acceptable Items

  •  Wearable clothing in good condition
  •  Shoes
  •  Accessories: belts, jewelry, bags, hats, ties, scarves, gloves
  •  Office supplies (gently used)
  •  Toys and games
  •  Stuffed animals
  •  Bedding: sheets, pillows and blankets
  •  Furniture
  •  Craft supplies
  •  Hangers
  •  Working electronics
  •  Household items: clean kitchenware, cleaning supplies


Other Donation Options

Another option for donating items that are gently used and no longer wanted is to donate them to local thrift stores. Richmond has many thrift stores you can donate to including: 

  • Abilities, 220 South 5th Street
  • Fabulous Finds, 935 East Main Street
  • Goodwill, 3791 National Road East
  • Sassy Seconds, 809 East Main Street (this is a consignment shop, your items will be sold and you will make a portion of the profit)
  • Helping Hands, 808 Liberty Avenue
  • Salvation Army, 520 South 5th Street
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