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Are you interested in becoming an Eco-rep?

If so, you are in the right place. Below you will find some frequently asked questions along with a link to the volunteer application. 


  • Who can be an Eco-rep? Anyone who lives in a campus dorm is eligible to apply and become an Eco-rep (including RAs).
  • I live in a house, what about me? Presently we do not have an Eco-reps program for the houses, but if you’ve got ideas we’d love to hear them!
  • Do Eco-reps get paid? Nope, Eco-reps are volunteers. But there are certain perks that you will get for participating in the program.
  • Who’s in charge of the Eco-reps? Eco-reps is a program that is run directly out of the Sustainability Office. The Campus Engagement Team, part of the Student Sustainability Corps, is in charge of coordinating the Eco-reps, but since Eco-reps are involved with many different programs they also work with other members of the Student Sustainability Corps.

Interested? If so, email for an application.

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